Student life in Nesna

Nesna is a village on the tip of a peninsula that extends into the open sea at the Helgeland coast. With the mountain behind you, you are surrounded by the sea on all other sides. Ringed by three islands and stunning coastal scenery, it offers many possibilities for those who enjoy the outdoors.

2016-04-1411:40 Line Johansen

Welcome to Nesna!

Nesna is not big, but it has a big heart. Many of the 1900 inhabitants come from different parts of the world, aound thirty nationalities are represented in the Nesna community. In addition students from all over Norway, plus a few internationals, come here to study. In Nesna you have the campus, housing, shops and everything you need within walking distance. There are many cultural and social associations, and sport clubs in Nesna which makes it easy to fill your spare time with fun and meaningful activities.

The university town NESNA

Nesna has hosted teacher education programmes for almost a houndred years. The campus has a tradition for specialization in music, arts and culture. The students have always put their strong mark on Nesna, and the student life here is still vibrant.

The student society - "Studentsamfunnet"

The Student Society has a long lasting tradition of hosting concerts and other cultural events. At the Student Society the students run their own pub with frequent events like quiz nights, movie nights, concerts, DJ's theme parties etc. The place is organized and administered by the students in cooperation with Studentinord.

Spare time activities

Sporty students get good prices at the two local fitness centres. Sports science students have their own excellent facilities. The students also have their own sports club that has access to the university's sports hall two nights a week. Floorball is a popular activity.

Studentinord has an office on campus where you can borrow camping and fishing gear for students that would like to explore the surrounding nature. It is also possible to borrow small boats for rowing. If you want to go island hopping you can borrow a bike and take the ferry. There are also great conditions for hunting in nearby areas. The Nesna mountain is also a popular place for paragliding.

In addition there is a local choir, marching band, theatre group, recreational sports club, art association, and a hunting and fishing association. Studentinord can help you get in touch with the type of club you are intersted in.

How to get there

You can arrive by plane in Both Mo i Rana, Mosjøen or Sandnessjøen, and get to Nesna in app. an hour by bus or ferry. Mo i Rana and Mosjøen also have train connections to Bodø and Trondheim.

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