5 good reasons to live in a student home

Avoid chaos, find new friends, and get help with all practical matters.

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2017-06-2210:47 Erling Rognes Solbu

There are many good reasons for choosing a student home - here are some of them.

1. Avoid chaos

Studentinord takes good care of the students. You get secure and stable conditions, a low deposit amount and an affordable rent. Our housing consultants assist with all practical matters, and a security company is available during the night.

The common areas are kept nice and clean through an organized cleaning rotation that is followed up every week by our cleaning staff.

2. Living in a student home is the best way to get to know other students

It is social, including and safe to live in a student home. When you share kitchen with others you just need to sit down by the kitchen table to meet fellow students.

Most of the students living in our homes also have access to common rooms. It is easy to build a social network when you live with other students. You also get to know students at other programs.  

3. Janitors to fix problems

Do you have a clogged drain, or are you missing a light bulb? Just get in touch with our janitor via the housing app Studentinord bolig, and the problem will fix it quickly.

4. Housing app for all practical matters

So, Studentinord’s housing app, «Studentinord bolig», allows you to administer your tenancy from your smart phone. The app makes it easy to get in touch with the housing office and janitor, and you can easily download the rent invoice.  

5. Find the living arrangement that suits you best

Studentinord has bedsits with shared kitchen and/or bathroom, and apartments in various sizes. Find what suits you.

Here you can view details and apply for student housing in Stjørdal, Levanger, Steinkjer, Namsos, Nesna og Bodø.

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