Available services in Studentinord

In accordance with government regulations, we have closed some of our services for a period, but the Housing Office, the Counselling service, the administration and the kindergartens are available.

All Campuses at Nord University are closed to prevent the spread of coronavirus. This also affects Studentinord's services.

Studentinord collaborates closely with Nord University on handling this situation.

The Housing Office is available

  • The Housing office is available for inquiries and key delivery, Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 3.30 p.m. Contact us by phone or email if you have any questions. Tel. +47 476 20 800 (press 1 for housing), or by e-mail: bolig@studentinord.no 
  • If you live in a student accomodation and are quarantined due to coronavirus, you MUST notify us on tel. +47 476 20 800 (press 1 for housing), or e-mail: bolig@studentinord.no. By informing us you will help us maintain an overview. 
  • To help reduce the spread of the coronavirus we strongly encourage that social activity are beeing kept to a minimum. We also encourage each resident to be extra careful about personal hygiene / hand washing and also with the kitchen hygiene. We really appreciate everyone is making an effort. 
  • Read the quarantine instructions and guidelines for residents here.

Counselling service available via phone and Skype

  • To reduce the risk of coronavirus infection, the counselling service premises have been closed indefinitely.
  • For those who have already booked an appointment with a Student Counsellor, or for those who want to make new appointment, we offer counselling on phone or Skype. The service is still free and the Counsellor has a duty of confidentiality.
  • All of our Student Counsellors are available for you on phone and Skype. Our goal is to have as short waiting time as possible, as well as being easily accessible to you, no matter which Campus you study at. Please contact the Student Counsellor at your Campus first. If they`re not available, you can choose one of the other Counsellors.
  • Read more and book an appointment to phone or skype with a Student Counsellor here.


Studentongan kindergarten, Steinkjer student kindergarten, Trimia and Røstad student kindergartens are open. The kindergarten staff will contact parents directly with practical information on opening hours, measures to prevent the virus from spreading etc.

We are unfortunately not able to offer exam guarantee ,the service where we look after children that are ill on the exam day, this spring. The rule that says children who are ill must stay home during the corona pandemia is absolute until further notice.


Other services are closed

All other canteens are closed.

Our stores are closed.

Positive Leisure in Bodø
Positive Leisure is closed. This includes all equipment rental, as well as the student cabin.