Are you sure you`re travelling alone?

Bed bugs and other pests causes both discomfort and a lot of work for you. We encourage you all to be careful and take some precautions when travelling.

Help keep the uninvited guests out

Sometimes you have really bad luck. Other times, you might be able to prevent the uninvited guests from coming home with you. We are talking about bed bugs - the blood-sucking parasites that seek out humans while we are asleep.

Studentinord follows strict procedures when a resident is moving out, to be sure to offer fresh and clean rooms for new residents. To maintain the high standard, we need help from our residents, and we encourage everyone to take precautions while traveling. Bed bugs are not able to move from one location to another by themselves - they depend on "hiking" with us.

What to do if you suspect pests in your home

If you suspect that you have bed bugs or other pests in your home, you must report this as soon as possible by sending an inquiry from the housing app «Studentinord bolig». If you actually see the pests or you get bitten you must call us directly.

Monday till Friday from 8 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. you must call the Housing office on 0047 476 20 800. Outside our opening hours you must call the security company.

The following procedures must be followed if you suspect or notice bed bugs at home.

Always check your room and bed when travelling

People are travelling more and more, and behind your back the bed bugs can crawl into your luggage and join you on your way home. When traveling, always check your room on arrival - before unpacking of opening your luggage. Use a flashlight or your cell phone to light up under the bed, especially in cracks and seams, and under fabric edges.

Video: Bed Bug Basics: 10 Tips to Protect Yourself

The bed bug itself is difficult to spot, but if you see small black spots it is likely to be traces of bed bugs. If there are bed bugs you need to have the room examined.

Keep your suitcase or bag closed as much as possible. The lowest risk of finding bed bugs is in the bathroom, so if possible – that would be a smart place to store your luggage.

How do you notice bed bugs?

If you are bitten by bed bugs you will probably experience a severe itch and red spots on your skin. Some get allergic reactions with blisters or hoves, while others get a very small reaction.

Bites from bed bugs is basically not dangerous. Contact a doctor if you suspect an infection in the bite area.

It is not known that bed bugs transmit diseases to humans.

If you suspect or find bed bugs at home

Regardless of whether you live privately or in a student home, you must notify the landlord as soon as possible if you suspect that you have had bed bugs in your home.

Wash all your clothes, including those you wear, at 60 degrees, and put other things in plastic bags in a freezer for a minimum of 48 hours to allow them to freeze properly.

Studentinord follows strict routines if pest situations occur in the student homes.