Important information to residents at Nordavind short-term

Studentinord welcomes you to Nordavind short-term Student Accommodation. Here you will find useful and important information about your stay.

Studentinord housing FAQ

Most of the questions we receive are answered in our own Studentinord housing FAQ.

Where do I find Nordavind?

See map «Find us» or watch this video.
You can walk from the University to Nordavind trough a glass corridor.

How do I get to Nordavind by car? 

Address: Mørkvedtråkket 32, 8028 Bodø

If arriving by car, stay on the road «Mørkvedveien» until you pass the University's main entrance and turn left onto the road «Høgliveien». After approx. 100 meters you reach the convenience store «Joker», then turn left onto the road «Høgskoleveien». Watch video «Drive to Nordavind» here.

Park your car

in the parking lot in front of the kindergarten «Studentongan». It is located on the right side of the road «Høgliveien». Parking outside Nordavind is not permitted.

Moving in

is possible from 3. p.m. on weekdays unless otherwise agreed. If you arrive on Saturday or Sunday, you can move in whenever you wish.

Pick up your key fob

at the Housing office between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m (weekdays). If you arrive outside opening hours, it will be placed in the key cabinet in front of the main entrance of Nordavind. You will receive a code per SMS to the key cabinet and to your keyfob prior to your arrival. 

Please note that you must carry the key fob with you every time you leave your room to avoid getting locket out.

The key fob must be activated

when you arrive, regardless of whether the entrance door is open or not. The key fob is then activated for 24 hours, and you must re-activate the key fob once per day.

You activate your key fob by using a key fob reader (with card reader for PIN code, see picture). Hold your key fob up to the reader until you hear a beep. Enter your PIN + E. These key fob readers are located by the building entrances.  

  • To open doors with card reader with PIN: Hold your key fob up to the reader until you hear a beep, then enter your PIN code + E. You may now use the door button or door handle to open the door.
  • Doors with key fob reader only: Hold your key fob up to the reader until you hear a beep. You may now use the door handle to open the door.  

The kitchen exhaust fan

must be turned on when you are using the cooktop, to avoid fire alarms. You can also open the window.

Stove guard

is installed for your safety. At high temperatures, they can emit 3 short beeps every 5 seconds. Turn off the alarm by briefly pressing the button. Turn down the heat. If you do not turn off the alarm, the stove will turn off after 40 seconds.

Linens and towels

are placed on a shelf over the bed together with duvet and pillow. When you move out, please take off the bed linens and put them together with used towels in the basket that you find inside the closet. 

Take out your trash

and throw it in the garbage chute outside Nordavind. Use your key fob to open it.

Clean the bedsit 

before you leave or you will be charged a fee to cover the cleaning cost. You can find rates and fees here. Clean everything, even inside the microwave oven, in the shower, and the floor. Do the dishes and remove the trash to ensure that the room looks nice when the next resident to arrives. There is cleaning equipment and cloths in the bedsit.

Move out and deliver key fob

at 12 (noon) at the latest, on the day of departure, or you will be charged for one extra night. Deliver the key fob at the counter of the Housing office, or in the mailbox which is located inside the hallway on the 1st floor of Nordavind. The mailbox is marked «Check out». If key fob is not delivered, we will charge a fee for loss of key.

Useful contact information

  • Housing office tel: (+47) 476 20 800 / e-mail:
    Located at the main entrance of the university - see map.
    Opening hours: Monday - Friday at. 08.00 - 15.30
    Contact the housing office for error messages, questions about cleaning, key issues, etc.
  • Security Company (outside Housing Office opening hours)
  • Fire: (+47) 110
  • Police: (+47) 112/02800
  • Medical emergency : (+47) 116117
  • Ambulance: (+47) 113

Breakfast offer and other information

Read more about our breakfast offer, invoice or other information about short-term rent - see Short-term rent Nordavind.

Key fob reader with card reader for PIN
Black card reader hanging on the wall of the student residence. The numbers from 1-9 and C-E are on
Picture from student housing, the walls are white. There are blue curtains and a blue cork board. A
Map illustration showing where Nordavind is located in relation to other entrances at the university

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