Important information to residents at Flatvold short-term

Studentinord welcomes you to Flatvold short-term Student Accommodation. Here you will find useful and important information about your stay.

Studentinord housing FAQ

Most of the questions we receive are answered in our own Studentinord housing FAQ.

Where do I find Flatvold?

Flatvold is located in Rønvik, close to the city centre of Bodø. The address is Flatvold 2A, 8009 Bodø. There are bus stops right outside the doors, and you can take route 3 or 4 to Bodø center, and from there route 1 or 2 to Nord University.

Park your car

in the parking lot outside Flatvold student home. If you are staying with us for more than a week, you must contact the Housing office and get a parking permit.

Moving in

is possible from 3. p.m. on weekdays unless otherwise agreed. If you arrive on Saturday or Sunday, early check-in is available.

Pick up your key / key fob

at the Housing office at Nord University between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m (weekdays). 

If you have problems picking up the key / key fob during opening hours, please contact us at tel. +47 476 20 800, and we will make an agreement for alternative handover.

Please note that you must carry the key fob with you every time you leave your room to avoid getting locket out.

The key fob must be activated

when you arrive at Flatvold. You need the key fob to enter the front doors of the building. The key fob is activated for 24 hours at a time, and after the first activation you can re-activate the key fob once per day, or every time you use the front door.

You activate your key fob by using a key fob reader located by the bulding entrances.  Hold your key fob near the card reader. When you hear a beep, hold the key fob still for a couple of seconds. Enter your PIN code and press E.

The kitchen exhaust fan

must be turned on when you are using the cooktop, to avoid fire alarms. You can also open the window.

Linens and towels

is included in the rent, provided we have it in stock. Please contact the Housing consultants for specific information on what applies to your rental agreement.

Where we have bed linen and towels available it will be placed in your room for your arrival. When you move out, please take off the bed linens and put them together with used towels on the bathroom floor.

Use the laundry room

if applicable, but remember to ask the Housing office for a laundry card. If you are staying for more than 14 days, you will find a laundry card in your room when you arrive.

Take out your trash

and throw it in the garbage room located outside the main entrance.

Clean the bedsit 

before you leave or you will be charged a fee to cover the cleaning cost. You can find rates and fees here. Clean everything in your room, including the shower and the floor. Do the dishes and remove the trash from the common kitchen and make sure that it looks nice for the next resident to arrive. 

Before moving out, you can send an email to, if you like our cleaning personnel to bring washing equipment to your room.

Move out and deliver key / key fob

at 12 (noon) at the latest, on the day of departure, or you will be charged for one extra night.

Deliver the key / key fob at the counter of the Housing office at the University, or in the key drop which is located inside the hallway on the 1st floor of Flatvold main entrance, see illustration of map. The key drop is marked «KEYS», se image. 

If the key / key fob is not delivered, we will charge a fee for loss of key.

Useful contact information

  • Housing office tel: (+47) 476 20 800 / e-mail:
    Located at the main entrance of the university - see map.
    Opening hours: Monday - Friday at. 08.00 - 15.30
    Contact the housing office for error messages, questions about cleaning, key issues, etc.
  • Security Company (outside Housing Office opening hours)
  • Fire: (+47) 110
  • Police: (+47) 112/02800
  • Medical emergency : (+47) 116117
  • Ambulance: (+47) 113

Room at Flatvold
Furnished room at Flatvold with bed, armchair and desk
Map Flatvold
Map of Flatvold studenthome

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