Important info and warm greetings

5th of May 2020

Dear resident

The exam period is upon us. Despite the corona virus, closed Campus and loads of new rules to deal with, this busy, exciting and - for many - intense exam period is here.

Respect for you - respect for me

Maintaining a relationship with other residents and fellow students - and retaining the feeling of being a student - is important, and many of you are still at the student homes. Perhaps even more than before, you need to show consideration to those you live with. As you finish your first exam and celebrate with loud music, it may be that the girl who lives below you is trying to concentrate on her home exam, or maybe the guy who lives next door is studying intensely to tomorrow's big test. It could have been the other way around, so we just ask you to be a little extra considerate.

Tip when you need quiet study conditions: Hang a note on your door saying you have an exam. Leaves no doubt!

Look at the positive sides of the new rules

We must all follow the national guidelines on infection control, but remember that we are actually allowed to meet in smaller groups. Now that spring has started to show it is nice to go outside. If you are lucky, you will feel the warmth of the sun on your face. If not – a little rain and wind never hurt anybody, and it often feels extra nice to go back inside.

Tip: Bring a previous exam paper and discuss with a fellow student or two. Or just take a break and stroll around with a friend.

Don't be too proud to ask for help

We want you to succeed, we cheer for you. Do you have what you need? Is there anything you wish you could get some help with? Even the brightest students struggle from time to time - practically, tactically or emotionally. The Student Counsellors are here for you.

We wish you the best of luck! Remember, you are often more capable than you think! 

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