Changes due to strike in the security company

Update 3.12: The strike is over

27 November 2020

Strike at the central for fire alarms

Since 16 September, there has been a strike for many security companies in Norway, but in Kaialundveien we have fortunately not been affected by this, until now. From Saturday 28 November at 7 a.m., the security company has stepped up the strike, and they now take out personnel at the central who recieves the fire alarms. This will entail changes for us and for you who live in Kaialundveien.

What we do to secure the situation

We ask all residents to be a little extra attentive during this period. The fire alarm on the building will go off as normal if a fire should occur, but the alarm does not go directly to the alarm central.

In case of fire - call 110 directly.

To increase the security at the student home, the stationary guards (who fortunately have not been taken out on strike) will visit Kaialundveien more frequently, and watch the building even more closely than normal.

We hope the strike is over soon, and will let you know as soon as we know more.

You can read more about the strike here (in Norwegian).

Questions or concerns?

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