Studentongan kindergarten

Studentongan kindergarten is a contemporary, modern and functional day care located close to beautiful outdoor areas with woods and fields.

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Open to everyone - but especially customized for student families

Everyone is welcome to apply for Studentongan kindergarten. If you are a student, choosing a kindergarten customized for student families can even give you benefits. You will meet other parents in the same situation as yourself, and the staff will support and help you and your child to make new contacts and make new friends.

We understand your special needs as a student, and together we find good solutions to your challenges.

Studentongan kindergarten has 5 departments and can accommodate 80 children. The kindergarten is located immediately next to Nord University.

By choosing Studentongan kindergarten you and your child get some benefits:

  • You get an exam guarantee. This means that if your child is sick on the day of the exam, one from the staff comes to your home and take care of your child, so that you can still attend the exam.
  • You may apply for children under 1 year.
  • In case your exam is outside the kindergartens normal opening hours, you can make an agreement with us in advance, and we can stay open longer.

Due to the corona situation we focus on infection control, and implement measures for student parents in accordance with this.

Focus on the child

Studentongan kindergarten is run by Studentinord, and is well facilitated for the children. We have a special focus on quality in everything we do, and at the same time we need to be flexible, so the parents are able to do well in their studies.

The kindergarten accepts children between the ages of 1-6 years old, and we have our own toddlers’ class for the smallest children. This is in order to provide a peaceful, secure and stimulating environment for them.

The older children are in an environment that provides more opportunities for challenges and activities.

"My experience is that the staff are highly competent who really care about the kids, making sure they do their best. As a parent, I have always been met with understanding, and co-operating with the staff has never been a problem." 

– Siv-Anne, student and parent.


The staff members in the kindergarten have a wide range of expertise and experience. We have high pedagogical coverage with one pedagogical leader and two kindergarten teachers in each department, who increases the quality of the work.

Most of our employees have worked at Studentongan kindergarten for a long time, which ensures good stability and low employee turnover. In case of absence from the staff members, their position will be filled with temporary workers.

Who may apply

Studentongan kindergarten is primarily for children who has parents studying at Nord University or The Norwegian Police University College, dpt. Bodø. In case of availability, we accept the University employee’s children and other external applicants. 

The fact that we have so many satisfied parents means that we also have many applicants for the spots that are not reserved for student children.

How to apply

Application deadline is Febryary 15th, but you are more than welcome to apply whenever you like.

Applications to Studentongan kindergarten must be submitted through Bodø Municipality’s application portal for kindergartens, called «samordna opptak». We therefore have the same application deadline and follow the same procedures as the municipal kindergartens.

Please visit Bodø Municipality’s (Bodø kommune) website to find more information about the application process, and to submit your application to Studentongan kindergarten digitally.

Apply for Studentongan kintergarten

If you have any questios about the form, please contact Bodø Municipality by email:

National maximum price arrangement 

Studentongan kindergarten complies with the national maximum price arrangement, wich is regulated in the government budget. Food cost comes in addition.

Splash pool in «Abels cave»

Studentongan kindergarten has a large room where we make a splash pool for the children. The children get to play here from a very young age, and they learn to be safe with water splashes, and they have fun and play in water. The room is nice and warm, with color lights in the ceiling, and large glass windows.

Individual, language and culture

Every child has a need to be seen, so we provide the attention they require for their age and needs. We are so lucky to be a kindergarten with many cultures, both Norwegian and International. This is reflected in the annual plan where we focus on getting to know each other – within language, religion, traditions and music.

As a kindergarten that includes international students, we have a lot of experience working with foreign languages.

The joy of food and participation

The joy of food is important to us, and our skilled chef provides a hot lunch for the children 2-3 days a week. We are also concerned about the children's participation in the kitchen, and we facilitate and encourage the children to express their views. The children get to participate in planning and preparing meals, which also provides learning in areas such as language and interaction with others.

We also cater for different needs and allergies, and we have both Norwegian and international food.

Enviromental responsibility

Studentongan kindergarten wants to promote good values, attitudes and practices for a sustainable society

In the years to come, we will work with the environment and the protection of the nature around us, and with the UN's sustainability goals. This year it is "Life on land" and the forest that particularly concerns us. We will spend time in the small forest in the kindergarten outdoor area, and in the larger forest that we have just across the road. As in previous years, we will continue to work with sustainable food and recycling.

Communication with parents

Studentongan uses an app called MyKid to communicate with the parents.

To receive and provide information to the kindergarten, you must be an active user of the app. This communication is in addition to the daily contact we have when we meet the parents.

Through MyKid you can:

  • Read about "today"
  • View pictures of your child and everyday life in kindergarten *
  • Find agenda and information
  • Report absence or holidays
  • Receive / send SMS and e-mail
  • Enter your permissions regarding your child
  • Update information about the child and yourself

*) It is free of choise to give permission to display your children. The images are tagged with the children's profile and you get the pictures that are relevant to you.

The service is adapted to mobile, PC and tablet.

Opening hours

Opening hours are 7 a.m. – 4.30 p.m. The kindergarten is open 9 1/2 hours every day. Please note that you cannot leave your child in the kindergarten for more than 9 hours per day.

We don´t practice any core time. For special activities or hikes, we will let you know so that your child can be here in time.

We have fixed days for staff training: the last three days before the schools open in August, the first workday after Christmas holidays and the first workday after Easter.


Get in touch

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Tel. +47 482 78 955

Manager in Studentongan kindergarten
Ole Marius Røsten
Tlf. +47 482 78 955

Office: +47 480 40 086
Hippokrates: +47 903 68 848
Pythagoras: +47 903 68 860
Sokrates: +47 904 00 327
Aristoteles: +47 903 69 710
Platon: +47 903 69 902

+47 476 20 800

Studentongan barnehage
Høgliveien 2
8027 Bodø

Studentongan kindergarten application

Fotograf Karoline O.A. Pettersen
Children playing in Studentongan kindergarten
Fotograf Karoline O.A. Pettersen
Children playing with cars and dolls in Studentongan kindergarten
Fotograf Karoline O.A. Pettersen
Kids playing in the grove in Studentongan kindergarten
Abels cave
Abels cave, the splash pool in Studentongan kindergarten
Playroom with loft in Studentongan kindergarten

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