Who is Studentinord

Studentinord is a welfare organization for all the students at Nord University's campuses in Trøndelag and Nordland counties, and for students at The Norwegian Police University College (PHS) in Bodø.

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Nord studentsamskipnad (Studentinord) is responsible for welfare services to approximately 11000 students at Nord University and The Norwegian Police University College in Bodø.

Our services will contribute to a better student life, and includes housing, canteens, kindergartens, bookstores, counselling services and more. Studentinord has app. 125 dedicated employees located at various study sites in Nordland and Trøndelag counties.

Read about our visions, goals and values.

What is a student welfare organization?

A student welfare organization, or in norwegian studentsamskipnad, is a private foundation-like organization regulated by the Norwegian law "lov om studentsamskipnader". All universities in Norway must be connected to a student welfare organization.

The student welfare organization work to address the welfare needs of the students. This may include housing, canteens, kindergartens, health services and fitness services. All profit is given back to the organization, to develope new or improve existing welfare services.

Read about the services Studentinord provide here.

The student welfare organization is governed by a board. The Board determines the semester fee amount and the core services that will be provided to the students. The student representatives have the Chairman and the majority of votes in the Board meetings, and contribute to the development of the welfare services offered by Studentinord.

What is the semester fee for?

In accordance with the law "lov om studentsamskipnader", all students must pay a semester fee to the student welfare organization related to the relevant educational institution. The semester fee helps fund the welfare services, and the fee is charged by the educational institution where you are registrated as a student.

The semester fee will go back to you as a student through various purposes. The semester fee is decided by the Board of Studentinord. The semester fee for Studentinord is per 1.1.2020 NOK 530 per semester.

In addition to Studentinord's core services, the semester fee includes:

  • reimbursement of health expenses
  • courses in coping with exam anxiety, stress management, yoga, etc.
  • various student organizations and activities.

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