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Now you can get paid for creating social measures for students.

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2021-03-0715:12 Erling Rognes Solbu

Are you tired of the monotone student life with Covid? Would you like to make a difference for the social life among students where you study? Do you need some extra cash? 

Studentinord has received means to pay students for planning and hosting social measures for fellow students. 

Who can apply?

All active students with a good idea for a project that can make the social life a little better for their fellow students can "apply for a job" to realize the idea. You may also apply for funds to cover equipment you need for carrying out an idea. 

You can apply alone, with a friend or with a group of students. The planned activities can start anytime - preferrably as soon as possible, and must be carried out by the end of 2021 at the latest. 

We encourage students at all Nord University campuses to apply.

What can you apply for?

You can apply for anything that could make student life better. The event or measure must have minimum five participants. Examples: quiz, hiking group, chess, bowling, gaming and cooking. 

  • It could be a get-together in small groups indoors, or a little larger goups outdoors. 
  • It could be digital events. 
  • It could be a service that helps students get in touch with eachother. 
  • It could be an offer in the canteen where you study. 
  • It could be an offer in cooperation with the canteen where you study.
  • It could be someting that happens during breaks between lectures, or leisure activities in the afternoon. 
  • It could be part of the activity in an established student union or club. 
  • It could be something that you whish would happen, or something that you can make happen yourself. 
  • It could be an activity that is already up and running, and that you would like to contimue, or a brand new idea that you would like to test. 

It is, of course, a prerequisite that all suggested social measures are carried out in accordance with the current infection control protocol in the Municipality where the activity is planned. 

Paid work and equipment

This announcement is mainly for salary for hours spent on planning and carrying out social measures, but you can also apply for means and equipment you need for carrying out the idea. Does your idea require equioment? if you e.g. plan to host a barbecue you can apply for means to buy food and a campfire pan. 

Studentinord may, if possible, assist with premises/room, food and drinks or other practicalities.

This must be included in your application

It is important that your idea is well thought through and feasible. In addition to a brief description of your idea for a social measure, your application must answer the following questions: 

  • How many hours do you need to carry out your idea? Please include preparation, the event itself and finishing work. The salary is hour-based.
  • What other expenditure do you apply for funding of? Set up a budget.
  • How many participants is the event available for?
  • Where will the activity take place (town, on campus, in a student home, digital event etc.)?
  • When will the activity take place?
  • Do you plan a singular event, or something that can develop into a steady (e.g. weekly) activity? 


  • Do you plan to cooperate with other students? If so, everybody involved in the project must submit their own application.
  • If you also apply for funding of expenses / costs, you must write your account number in the application.

Apply any time

You can submit you application anytime. We will do our best to handle the applications quickly, so that the social measures can start as soon as possible. 

Note! The application must be submitted before the activity / event is carried out.

Salary per hour

You can get salary for the hours spent on preparations, hosting and finishing work related to the social measure.  Students who get their proposals approved can get a hourly contract with Studentinord. 

Feel free to ask us

Do you have questions, or perhaps you would like to discuss an idea before you apply? You can talk to our student hosts - Øystein in Bodø, Sicilia in Helgeland, or Guri in Trøndelag, or talk to our staff in the canteen. If you have questions about salary, contract or similar, you may contact HR Manager in Studentinord Idun Nerdal:

Here you can submit your application

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