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Taking next semester at Nord University? Then it's time to start thinking about accommodation.

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2016-03-0714:00 Line Johansen

Many good reasons to live in a student home

Tenants at Studetinord enjoy safe and secure conditions. Living in a student residence is a great way to get to know other students, and it gives you many very useful benefits:

  • Access to caretakers or other professionals if something is damaged or you need help
  • Friendly and social atmosphere
  • Electricity and internet included in the rent
  • Standardized and safe housing contracts
  • Low deposit (only 1 month)

Studentinord provides you with favorable rent and low deposit, and help from the Housing office when you need it.

Assigns homes continuously

We recommend that you apply for student housing with us even if there are no available units in your university town at the moment. We assign housing units continuously, as soon as vacancies occur.

The sooner you apply, the higher up on the waiting list you will be placed.

Apply for housing at correct location

Please note that Studentinord has student homes in seven different cities in Nordland and Trøndelag counties. Make sure that you choose a location in the city or town where your university campus is located.

Important information for housing applicants

The rooms are generally awarded based on a first come first served principle. Details about the awarding process can be found here.

Do you have questions about moving in, deposit laundry or other practical matters? Please see our FAQ sites for new applicants:

Studentinord housing FAQ

Fotograf Karoline O. A. Pettersen
Fotograf Karoline O. A. Pettersen
Fotograf Karoline O. A. Pettersen

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