Do your laundry with appWash

If you live in a student home with appWash, it is super easy to do laundry.

Digital laundry 

If you live in a student home with appWash, you can easily download the app appWash, and you are ready to do your laundry!

Get started with appWash

  1. Download appWash by Miele.
    appWash can be used on all iOS and Android phones. If you have a smartphone that does not support the app, you can launch the machines via

    Download appWash for iOS
    Download appWash for Android

  2. Open an account
    Create an account by following the guidance in the app. You will need an E-mail address, create a password, and a verification code that you will receive on SMS by registering your phone number.

  3. Enter machine number
    You will now be asked to enter a five-digit machine number. Find the number for your laundry:
    1. Kaialundveien student home 35223
    2. Høglimyra student home 37791
    3. Husbyfaret student home 38469
    4. Moan student home 38361 
    5. Byborg student home Block A 38379
    6. Byborg student home Block B 38314
    7. Grand student home 36425
    8. Guldbergaunet student home 38391
  4. Fill up the account
    Before arriving at debit card registration, press the "Top up" button. You can add more money to your balance at any time by accessing the "prepaid" menu item. Here you can also close your account and get back what you have left in your laundry account.

  5. Unlock, select program and start
    The app will unlock the machine for up to 15 minutes before use. Start washing machine or dryer in the usual way. Swipe right on the machine display panel to see all program choices. Select the desired program and press start. Note! In Kaialundveien and Høglimyra student home, detergent is included.

Here's how to start a machine

When you have a user in appWash, you can pre-book your washing machine and dryer 15 minutes before you arrive.

  • Select a machine available in the app.
  • Find the machine you chose - check that the number on the machine matches the one you chose in the app. The machines are marked with numbers. Open the door and put your clothes in.
  • Tune in to the desired program. NOTE: Touch the display panel and swipe right to bring up more program choices than those you see right away.
  • Press start.
  • Note that the app counts the time spent and not the time left. The app notifies you when your laundry is done. The amount of time your washing or drying takes to complete depends on the weight of clothes you have in the machine. The less clothes, the faster it goes - because the machines are sensor controlled.

Do you want to start multiple machines at the same time? Then you have to repeat the booking procedure in the app for each machine you want to start.

Use dryer

A regular laundry contains 2-3 liters of water. This means that if you hang the laundry to dry in the apartment, without venting well, this can cause mites and bacteria. We recommend using a dryer as much as possible.

If you have no other option than to hang the laundry inside your home, it is important that you ventilate well.

What to do if you do not get registered?

The most common error occurs when you enter your phone number, during SMS verification, and when you enter your email address. Please try again. If you still can't make it, contact 


  • NOK 25
    Use of a washing machine costs NOK 25 per wash, and use of the tumble dryer is free. Detergent is included in the price. Price regards:
    • Mo i Rana, Kaialundveien student home
    • Bodø, Høglimyra student home
  • NOK 24
    Use of the washing machine costs NOK 24 per wash, and use of the tumble dryer is free. Price regards:
    • Stjørdal, Husbyfaret student home
    • Levanger, Moan student home
    • Levanger, Byborg student home
    • Namsos, Grand student home
    • Steinkjer, Guldbergaunet student home

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