Student associations in Levanger

2016-04-1913:35 Erling Rognes Solbu


The Levanger Student Sports Association (Levangerstudentes Idrettslag or LSI for short) is run by and for students with ties to the Levanger campus. Our goal is to provide a varied and satisfying service to students who wish to participate in sport activities during their studies. In LSI, there is no requirement to be of any fitness or performance level. Absolutely everyone is welcome to join and we want LSI to be a social arena where you get the chance to cultivate friendships and your enjoyment for sports.

LSI has six teams: floorball, football men, fottball mixed genders, volleyball, climbing and handball.

Information about exercise and events can be found on the LSI Facebook page.


Røstad Scene runs student activities in and around the Røstad Scene venue on campus. It hosts the student pub, concerts, performances and more for students and others.

Røstad Scene has separate groups that have their own specific role:

  • The event Committee
  • Røstad Scene Music Forum
  • Røstad Scene Bar
  • Røstad Scene Sound and Light

Røstad Scene has a separate team called the Røstad Scene House Management Team (Husstyret Røstad Scene). The House Management Team have their own elected leader. In addition, the board consists of the leaders of the four subgroups, together with a representative appointed by the university.

The Event Committee is a group for those who want to contribute to an exciting social environment on campus. The committee has responsibility for overseeing and implementing the different arrangements on Røstad Scene. The committee prepares a program for each semester and has primary responsibility for public relations. The Arrangement Committee collects suggestions and help from both the music forum and the various student communities at Røstad to fill Røstad Scene with exciting, varied and fun content.

Røstad Scene Music Forum is an organisation founded by music students on Røstad campus. If you have a special interest in music, then the Music Forum is the place for you! We are responsible for booking bands and the like for concerts and performances at Røstad Scene. We are located in the band room in the basement of the main building and it is here that weekly meetings are held. We hold social student activities such as band evenings, concerts and “Student Leisure Program” (SFO), where we are open every Monday after study hours to meet and play board games, card games, Yahtzee and other activities like quizzes and open mini-scenes. At SFO, we serve waffles, coffee, juice and sometimes something extra at a low price.

Røstad Scene Bar has the responsibility for the sale of food and drinks at Røstad Scene. You will quickly get to know students from all academic communities if you join with us! Everyone who joins gets a course in responsible alcohol management. We hold open bar on student pub nights, concerts, parties, etc., as well as our own internal management parties. Just like other members of Røstad Scene, you will get free admission to most events, free coffee/tea when you have bar work as well as other benefits.

Røstad Scene Sound an Light is responsible for everything to do with sound, lighting and technical stage work on Røstad campus. As a member of the group, you will receive training in both light and sound engineering. Røstad Scene has built up a huge range of equipment that is growing every semester. As a student, this is an excellent opportunity to get new experience and take part in a social environment. We require no previous experience to apply for membership. If you are interested and want to learn, we will gladly have you on the team!

Røstad Scene on Facebook

Røstad Scene Music Forum on Facebook


Røstad Student Choir has members from all studies on campus. We take on singing commissions from around the country, but if the opportunity presents itself, we will happily travel further. We have choir practice every Monday as well as some seminar weekends. At every rehearsal, we have a cozy break. We also arrange small trips for members and set aside some evenings for socialising.

Røstad studentkor on Facebook