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Summonings, protocols and annual reports are available in Norwegian.

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The Board is Studentinord's governing body.

2016-04-2614:39 Line Johansen

Board responsibilities and composition

The Board's main responsibilities are supervising Studentinord's operations and management, and to make sure that the enterprise is appropriately organised. The Board also decides Studentinord's budget and accounts.

The Board consists of eight members. The students elect four members. Four deputy members ranked 1-4 is also elected. Two members are appointed by Nord University and two members are elected among Studentinord's employees. The Board members are elected for a period of two years, and the term of office starts May 1st.

The students hold the majority of the Board if they please. The Chairman, who is a student, may use his/hers casting vote in case of equality of votes.

Board members, updated 1st of May 2021

  • Andreas Vestvann Johnsen, student representantive
  • Maria Håkensen Andersen, student representative
  • Julia Tidem Føllesdal, student representative
  • Lars Glomsvoll, student representative
  • Per Arne Skjelvik, rep. Nord University
  • Lasse Finsås, rep. Nord University
  • Erling Rognes Solbu, rep. Nord University
  • Kirsti Grøtan, rep. Studentinord employees

Deputy members:

  • Jan Atle Toska, Nord University
  • Levi Gårseth-Nesbakk, Nord University
  • Svein Tore Johnsen, Studentinord employees
  • Marianne K. Grenheim Hunstad, Studentinord employees

Board transparency

Studentinord wants transparency about the work of the Board, and about the activities in Studentinord. Transparency provides more information and gives better conditions for engagement by students and employees.

Cases that affects staff, negotiations or other business-sensitive information are treated confidentially by the Board.

Transparency about the Board's work has been discussed several times by the Board, most recently in case 4/18. The Board then enacted that the agenda and the protocol are made public. Case documents are sent to the main representatives in Studentinord, and to the leader of the Student Parliament, in advance of Board meetings.

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