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Opening hours: 9 a.m - 3 p.m

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Student counsellor
Stine Sivertsen 
Tel: 0047 901 95 014 

Student counsellor
Ingvild Kirkhus
Tel: 0047 473 89 111

Counsellor / University Chaplain
Svein Valle
Tel: 0047 412 58 625

Our office is to the left when you use the A entrance at the University.

To reduce the risk of coronavirus infection we close our premises indefinitely, and offer counselling via Skype.

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2016-04-0414:32 Line Johansen

Student counselling on Skype

All of our Student Counsellors are now available on Skype, and please know that no questions are too small or too big to ask them. The counsellors will help you as best they can so that you can continue your studies and feel okay during this difficult period.

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The student advisory is an offer open to all students at Nord University, no matter how small the issue.

Counselling service

In the course of your studies, you can experience situations that can be difficult to deal with on your own. At these times, you can come to the student counsellor with any questions or issues you might have.

These can be, for example:

  • Personal challenges such as relationship difficulties, heartbreak, social stress and anxiety
  • Study-related difficulties related to motivation, delays, concentration problems, exam anxiety or time management
  • Economic issues such as student loans, debt and public benefits
  • Other challenges like substance abuse, eating disorders, anxiety and depression

This service is free.
We guarantee discretion.
In necessary cases, we offer a short term psycholgist service.

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University Chaplain

Need to talk about difficult experiences, perhaps of struggles with heartbreak or the loss of someone in your life? Do you have worries about life and the future and need help to sort through your thoughts? Do you wish to be seen by another person who will set aside time just for you?

The university Chaplain is here to help. Svein Valle is the Chaplain at Nord University and is an employee of the Norwegian church. Svein is available for all students and offers counselling, both in life and study situations and in existential and spiritual questions.

Quiet room

If you need a break from a hectic study day or have the need for peace and quiet to sort through your own thoughts, then you can make use of the «Quiet Room» that is located in the cellar of the main canteen Hovedkantina.

Svein Valle
Ingvild Kirkhus
Stine Sivertsen

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