Positive Leisure time (Bodø)

Studentinord aims to facilitate the best possible leisure time for students. This includes the rental and loaning of various leisure equipment, as well as the rental of the student cabin in Vågan.

2016-04-0513:47 Line Johansen

Ordering Leisure equipment

More about the Student cabin

The student cabin “Bergstua” lies in Vågan along highway 80 in the direction of Fauske, approximately 20 km from the campus on Mørkved. The lodge lies in a picturesque setting, close to the sea as well as being a good starting point for adventures into the woods. There is enough space to accommodate 8 people, but the general size and set up of the cabin leaves it better suited for groups of up to 6 people.

The cabin underwent complete renovation in the autumn of 2009 and remains in very good condition. It received a new large terrace, new windows and doors, a new kitchen, new interior designs and new furniture. The cabin has electricity but no running water. It has a standard kitchen and a TV and stereo, along with a bedroom and a spacious loft.

Bring your family or friends along to relax, hike, fish, ski, have a party or you can bring your partner along for a romantic weekend together.

The rental price is kr 250,- per day or kr 450,- for a weekend. The deposit is kr 450,-.

Telephone: 476 20 800

How do I find the cabin?

The student cabin lies in Vågan, approximately 20 km from campus in Mørkved, along highway 80 towards Fauske. It is 1.8km from the Reitan sign to the parking place. The parking lot is on the left side of the road. When you get to the train underpass, slow down and look for the carpark that is signposted with a red arrow and “Bergstua”. You will barely be able to make out the cabin from the road. It is approximately 100 metres from the road to the cabin.

It is possible to turn in at a parking lot that is 600 metres further up the road.

Floor plan student cabin