Remember these 5 things before you move out

Here you will find a list of requirements that must be met before the tenancy is completely ended.

Here is the list to follow when you are moving out:


Notification of termination must be made from My Page. Use the app Studentinord Bolig if you want to get important notifications. The term of notice is 2 months counted from date of termination.


Make reservation for inspection from My Page (under "Inquirys"). Inspections will be conducted Monday to Friday between 8.30 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.

Make sure that you book the inspection no later than 5 days before moving out. In busy periodes (May-June, and December) we recommend to book even earlier to make sure you get the inspection when it suits you.

3. TIDYING AND CLEANING, and fill out the checklist

Remember to fill out the checklist to give us necessary feedback on the condition of the housing unit. The checklist is found on My Page. Please note that all sections must be completed, and remember to press submit when you are done.

Please empty and clean your housing unit according to requirements in this list:

  • Wipe and dust lamps and shelves, and remove stains.
  • Wipe and clean both the inside and outside of the wardrobe, and also remember to wash on top of the wardrobe.
  • Clean walls, doors and door frames, windows and window frames.
  • Furniture and bed must be wiped off and vacuumed.
  • Scrub and wash tiles and walls in the bathroom.
  • Clean the sink and the toilet thoroughly.
  • Clean the mirror.
  • Wash and tidy the kitchen, appliances and equipment. Your kitchen cabinet must be thoroughly cleaned. Also remember to clean the cooker hood / extractor fan, including the filter.
  • Empty and clean your fridge and freezer.
  • Wash and clean floors and moldings.
  • Empty and clean your storage room (if you have one).

Cleaning common areas when moving out
Remember to bring all your assets from the common areas.

  • Bodø: If you live in a doublet or share a kitchen / common area with up to five others you must clean this area as well. If you share common areas with more than five people, you must clean your own kitchen cabinet and fridge.
  • Stjørdal: If you live in a doublet, the common kitchen and bathroom must also be cleaned before moving out. Those who share the common rooms organize this themselves.
  • Levanger and Namsos: Cleaning lists are put out on each kitchen in advance of the moveout, and the residents sign the list for what they have cleaned.


We want you to attend the inspection. If you choose not to make reservation for inspection, or if you choose not to attend, the housing unit is considered handed over to us in the state that we find it.

Please note that any costs due to unsatisfactory cleaning, repair of damage etc. will be charged the tenant. You can find rates and fees here. 


Key and laundry chip must be handed over in accordance with the contract. You are responsible for ensuring that the key is delivered at the right time and place, so we strongly advise you not to leave the task to others.

Bodø: Deliver the key and laundry chip either at the inspection, at Studentinord`s counter at Nord University, or in the key box found at the various facilities:

  • Mørkvedlia: the laundry in each block
  • Flatvold: by the main entrance
  • Øvre Hammarlia: the laundry
  • Nedre Hammarlia: the entrance by 11 and 13
  • Skavdalslia: the laundry
  • Høglimyra: by the main entrance of each block

NesnaPlease put your key and laundry chip in the designated keybox at your student home, preferably in an envelope.

Trøndelag (Namsos, Stjørdal, Levanger): Please put your key and laundry chip in the designated keybox at your student home, preferably in an envelope. 

  • Steinkjer: If you live at Guldbergaunet you can deliver the key in the designated keybox inside the laundry. If you live at Figga you can deliver the key in the letter-box next to the door to the anitor's office, in basement A.

We thank you for the time you have been a tenant with us and wish you all the best!  

Book inspection in advance
Cardboard boxes and furniture are packed ready to move out
Remember correct bank info
A person that signs a paper with a pen