Ombudsperson for students protects your rights

Get aid and advise in cases related to your academic affairs.

1/18/192:58 PM Ane Karlsen

Ombudsperson for students

The ombudsperson for students is an independent, impartial person, whose role is to aid and advise students in cases related to studies and academic affairs. The ombudsperson has a duty of confidentiality and the service is free of charge.

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Drop-in Bodø

Ombudsperson for students has office hours with drop-in in Bodø, in room 1083 (in the main building, next to the laboratories). Follow the student happenings calendar «Infoskjermen go» for current times.

Infoskjermen go is available for download in iTunes or Google Play, and the password/code is: Nord

Svein-Arnt Eriksen, Nord universitet
Ombudsperson for students at Nord University. She has dark shoulder-length hair, glasses and is smil