Student counselling on phone or Skype

All our Student Counsellors are available on phone or Skype. We will support you as best we can, so you can succeed with your studies.

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2019-02-0613:25 Ane Karlsen

Student Counsellors can help you during this special times

Closed Campus and minimal social contact - this is obviously a new situation for all of us. The Counselling service in Studentinord is an offer to all students at Nord University, and you may talk with the Counsellors on all kinds of challenges in student life. It may be mental, social, physical or practical challenges.

You may need to address issues related to the corona virus situation, or talk about other things that affect your study situation.

You do not need a referral to use the Counselling service. The service is free of charge and all Counsellors have a duty of confidentiality. 

Counselling on phone or Skype while Campus is closed

All of our Student Counsellors are now available for you on Skype. Our goal is to have as short waiting time as possible, as well as being easily accessible to you, no matter which Campus you belong to.

Please contact the Student Counsellor at your Campus first. If they`re not available, you can choose one of the other Counsellors.


Download Skype for business

It is important that you have downloaded Skype for business in advance. 

Students at Nord University have the opportunity to download Skype for business as a part of Office 365.

Information on how to download can be found on Nord University's websites. This information is only in Norwegian, so if you need help downloading Skype for business, please contact Nord University on E-mail: ithelpdesk@nord.no

Skype for business meets the requirements of Datatilsynet (The Norwegian Data Protection Authority) and Nasjonal Kommunikasjonsmyndighet (the National Communications Authority), and is a safe platform for conversations and counselling. 

Our Student Counsellors

Please note that sensitive personal information should not be sent via E-mail. This is to ensure that the information cannot be read by an unauthorized person.


  • Student Counsellor Ingvild Kirkhus
    ingvild.kirkhus@studentinord.no / tel. +47 473 89 111
  • Student Counsellor Stine Marie Sivertsen
    stine.marie.sivertsen@studentinord.no / tel. +47 901 95 014
  • Student Counsellor and University Chaplain Svein Valle
    Svein.Valle@studentinord.no / tel. + 47 412 58 625

Nesna and Mo i Rana

  • Student Counsellor Truls Dahl
    truls.dahl@studentinord.no / tel. +47 958 68 011


  • Student Counsellor Kirsti Grøtan
    kirsti.grotan@studentinord.no / tel. +47 993 96 847

Namsos and Steinkjer

  • Student Counsellor Sissel Rian
    sissel.rian@studentinord.no / tel. +47 450 49 882


  • Student Counsellor Renate Nyborg Eikrem
    renate.eikrem@studentinord.no / tel. +47 975 89 486

Ingvild Kirkhus
Stine Marie Sivertsen
Svein Valle
Truls Dahl
Kirsti Grøtan
Sissel Rian
Renate Nyborg Eikrem

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