Free digital course: Brain bugs

Learn how your thoughts and attention can affect your mood and your actions, and how you can change negative thought patterns. Tittel Kursstart Duration Deadline Ledig WhereCourse typeFor freeLegg i kalender

Brain bugs trick us to believe it is helpful to use lots of time to think about what worries us. Do you want to become more conscious of your negative thought patterns, and learn that it is possible to change them?

Brain bugs is a free coping course, which tackles suck challenges.


Learn how to get better in coping with the brain bugs. You will become better at prioritizing between confirmed and potential concerns.

Course content

Brain bugs will take place over two evenings, and have the following content:

  • Part 1: psychological immune defence
  • Part 2: Brain bugs
  • Part 3: Psychological vitamins

About the instructor

The course instructor is student counsellor Heidi Frøystein.


Kursstart 02. mai 2023 Dag 1 17:00-19:00 (tirsdag 02.05) Dag 2 17:00-19:00 (tirsdag 09.05) Duration 2 dager Instructor Heidi Frøystein Responsible Heidi Frøystein Priser Bindende påmelding Nei Deadline 27.04.2023 23:59 Ledig Frist utløpt Where Digitalt Course type For free Legg i kalender
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