Counselling services are available to all students who encounter challenges during their time at Nord University. The counselling service is committed to working with you to conquer these challenges so you can move forward and be successful in your studies.

2017-02-0815:17 Kjell Pedersen

Our counsellor is available on campus on a 40% basis.  They can offer counselling, advice, information regarding your rights as a student, and can assist you in contacting outside agencies who can help you further.  Our counselling service strives to be easy to contact with a minimal waiting period.

You do not need an appointment to speak to our counsellor.  The service is free to students and our counsellor is bound by privacy laws to not discuss your case with anyone but you.

Our counsellor can be found on the Helgeland Campus, room B-022.

Opening times: Thursday 10.30 p.m. – 16 p.m.

Please come by the office, or call, if you wish to make an appointment.

Student councellor Truls Dahl

Tel: 958 68 011
E-mail: truls.dahl@studentinord.no

Truls Dahl

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