How to structure your day for efficient studies

5 tips for efficient time management when you are studying at home.

4/14/209:37 PM Erling Rognes Solbu

The korona epidemic affects us all. People are different, and we react differently to the challenges of social distancing. However, most of us perform better when we have clearly defined tasks and goals for the day.

Here’s five tips for an effective study day at home:

1. Get started in the morning

Get up in the morning and have a nice breakfast. Then start studying. Avoid altering your Circadian rythm too much, even when you don’t have to show up somwhere at a specified time. It is very important to keep up som daily routines! Try to get started studying at approximately the same time as you would in a normal situation.

2. Start every day with setting up a plan: this is what I am going to do today

A good plan with clear tasks for the day makes it easier to get started, If you decide on what to do, and stick to it, it can make number of pages to read, or the size and scope of your essay to seam less overwhelming.

3. The plan should be detailed

Write down both study activities and other things you can do at home, and when you are going to take breaks. An activity schedule makes the plan both straightforward and binding.

4. The plan should be realistic

Many students feel less efficient now that we are just at home. Say «OK, I work from 9 AM – 2 PM, instead of 8 AM – 4 PM.». Five hours of effective studying during a day is better than many hours of mediocre effort.

5. Remember to take breaks, also from the screens

Taking breaks is crucial for good concentration. It is important to be conscious about what is an effective break for you. It’s easy to turn to a screen for relaxing, bu tafter two hours of Netflix many students say they stop relaxing and start feeling uneasy. Fill the breaks with something that is good for you. Think, feel, evaluate: what works for me?

We offer individual counselling

Would you like more information about time management? Would you like to discuss the everyday student life in a state of emergency? Could a planned meeting with a student counsellor help structure your day? 

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