Emergency response and prevention

Everyone has a duty to report if they become aware of an accident, crisis situation or other serious incident.

Studentinord collaborates with Nord University on emergency preparedness, and we are an integral part of the University's contingency plan.

Safety for students and staff

In the event of an accident, emergency or other serious incident at one of Nord University's study locations, or involving Nord University's staff or students, notify the correct authority as soon as possible, using the numbers below.

Information on safety for students and staff at Nord University can be found on the website sikresiden.no/en

Sikresiden is a mobile friendly website which provides training in emergency response and prevention. The service is adapted for students and staff at universities and university colleges, including an easily accessible local emergency number for each institution.

Information is provided in both Norwegian and English. 

Notify the correct authority

After the emergency states have been notified, please contact the contingency management.

Contingency management must always be alerted to accidents and situations that pose a danger to employees, students, pollution of the external environment or loss of reputation.

Nord University and Studentinord contingency management tel. 0047 993 64 000.