Studentinord provides you with extra energy in the exam period

Take breaks that gives you more energy in the exam period. Update yourself on good deals and activities on your campus.

5/3/221:44 PM Erling Rognes Solbu

There are many good reasens to be on campus even when you don't have lectures to attend!

It is important to enjoy yourself with other students even when your exam dates are just around the corner. Of course it is important to study and as well prepared as possible, but remember that your performance gets better when you feel good about yourself! 

Activities on all campuses

Free exam breakfast, magic dog therapy, Eurovision party, canoeing on the fjord, yoga, afternoon café, May 17th celebrations, creative evenings... And watch out for pop-ups!

Our event coordinators make sure that you have many options for fun and energizing activities on or around campus. Some of the activities are set up in collaboration with student associations.

A calendar with thw full overview is available in the app Pintomind / Infoskjermen go, so make sure to download it and enter the code for your campus.


Increase your studying stamina on campus with these exam period student deals in the canteen: 

  • Student breakfast: Get your day off to a good start! Each morning from the canteen opens until 10am you get a baguette/sandwich, fruit and coffee/tea for just 29 kr.* 
  • Energy boost: Try the deal that gives you the extra boost you need in the exam period. For only 25 kr you get an energy drink + a snack (energybar, nuts or fruit). 
  • App deal: With the app Pintomind / Infoskjermen Go you get access to exclucive deals in the canteen. 9 - 21 May you get Tine Ice Coffee for 18 kr.
The offer applies to students. The content of the energy package and student breakfast may vary.
*In Bodø you get the Student breakfast at Alexandria.

Studentinord gives you extra energy in the exam period.

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