– We help you start your new student life

Studentinord will help you get started in your very first semester. Welcome to student life!

Create good memories right from your first semester

It is during the first semester that you lay the foundation for an active and exciting time as a student, and start storing the many good memories that you will keep for the rest of your life. Your first semester as a student is as much about getting to know your fellow students and your campus town as getting good grades.

Studentinord strives to meet you in the best possible way, and support and guide you at the start of your new student life. That is why we have Student Hosts who help take care of you as a new student.

Student Hosts - your safety and guide

In Bodø, Mo i Rana, Steinkjer, Levanger, Stjørdal and Namsos there are Student Hosts working to guide new students into a rewarding time as a student, with a rich social life and exciting academic challenges. We also provide Student councellors at all our Campus.

The Student Hosts help you get startet with the student life. They work with informing and providing services to students, and act as a link between the students, the faculties and Studentinord. 

First semester cooperation

Your first semester as a student is as much about getting to know fellow students and the city you will be living in, as getting good grades. It can take time to learn to be a student, and in order to succeed, you must thrive in student life.

We want to help you with this learning process, and together with Nord University and dedicated students, we have continuous meetings in the First Semester committees around the various study sites. Contact the Student Host if you have any input or feedback.

Orange circle with first semester in block letters inside the circle. There is also an orange key an

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