The Student Host at Levanger

Trude Ramstad is the Student Host at campus Levanger. She can help you get started with the student life.

2016-08-0309:35 Erling Rognes Solbu

There is no doubt in Trude's mind that the social part of student life is important and helps to create a rewarding time as a student.

-When I came to Levanger to study I didn't know anyone, but I got to know many fellow students during the Fadderuka the first weeks. It is important to get involved socially from the start, because that's when you form the basis for a good student life, Trude says.

At Levanger all new students are placed in Fadder-groups with students from the same academic programme.

-It is a good idea to get to know your class mates first. The Fadderuka is fun and social, but another good reason for becoming part of the student community is to get to know the campus and learn all the necessary practicalities of student life. Fellow students help eachother remember important deadlines. It is also noce to have someone to discuss elective courses with. Soon you can expand your circle of acquaintances by getting involved with Røstad Scene or the sports group (LSI). 

How can the Student Host help you?

You can come to the Student Host with all kinds of questions regarding student life, i.e. "how to I sign up for the exam?", "Who is who on campus?", "How do I become a member of the Student Choir?", Where do I buy the literature I need?", How do I pay the semester fee?" etc. 

The Student Host will set up a number of events for students during the autumn semester.  This is to ensure that there is more going on at Levanger campus than lectures and essay writing.  She will also offer support for student associations, and student representatives.

Where do I find the Student Host?

Trude has set up a small oasis for students at the "Lesesalen", on the first floor above the library in Nylåna. Yyou can drop by if you have questions, or if just would like to relax and hang out. She has a few board games and a nice oldfashioned vinyl record player.

The Student Host is available at this "office" Tuesdays and Thursdays 09.00 a.m. - 02.00 p.m.


e-mail, tel: 986 76 717

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The student host Trude Haagensen Ramstad