First semester

It is in the first semester that much of the foundation for a happy and rewarding student life is formed.

2016-08-0409:01 Erling Rognes Solbu

It is during the first semester that you lay the foundation for an active and exciting time as a student, and start storing the many good memories that you will keep for the rest of your life. Your first semester as a student is as much about getting to know your fellow students and your campus town as getting good grades.

Student Hosts

At the campuses Bodø, Mo i Rana, Steinkjer and Levanger there are Student Hosts working to guide fresh students into a rewarding time as a student, with a rich social life and exciting academic challenges. The Student Hosts help you get startet with The Student Life.

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Look for the “FØRSTE SEMESTER” badge

Studentinord is particularly concerned with creating good conditions for fresh students. There is a strong connection between your well-being and your performance as a student. Learning the dos and don'ts in campus life may take time. The project First Semester ("FØRSTE SEMESTER"), a cooperation between Nord University and Studentinord, aims at gauding you through this learning process.

Look for the “FØRSTE SEMESTER” (first semester) badge for offers and events that are tailored to new students.

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