We are upgrading Flatvold student home!

When the work on Flatvold is done our oldest student home facility will appear as brand new!

We are currently working to upgrade Flatvold student home to a new standard. The facility, that was built in 1977/78 will be more hospitable, more energy efficient and more attractive.

What is going to be upgraded?

Flatvold student home will og through a comprehensive upgrade:

  • We will install elevators in both buildings
  • The common rooms, i.e. livingroom and studio, will be renovated.
  • All outer walls will get a new facade.
  • The current garbage dump will be removed, and replaced by a modern underground recycling system.
  • We will carry out as new drainage to secure dry basements
  • The faciclity will get new front doors

Stay informed about the process

We hope that the building process cause as little inconvenience as possible for our tenants. The works will be carried out primarily during daytime, so you will not be disturbed in the evenings and nights, as far as possible.

We will keep residents updated via SMS, so make sure your phone number at My page is correct. We also publish important messages at the information screens in the entrance hall of the facility. If you have questions please contact us through My page, or send an Email to the Housing office: bolig@studentinord.no 

Some other changes during the building process:

  • There will be put up temporary garbage containers on the plot while the new underground recycling system is under construction.
  • The entrepreneur will for a periode use a part of the parking lot for storing materials, machines etc. (see illustration).
  • The side entrance to buildings A and C will have to close for a while, as the elevators will be installed there. This means that in this period only the main entrance and entrance A/B will be accessible. All doors will function as escape routes as normal.


  • Start of preparatory works: 14 December 2020
  • Start of main builidng process: 4 January 2021
  • Drainage: spring 2021
  • Start of upgrading the common rooms: summer 2021
  • Completion of external building work is expected at the turn of the year 2021/22
  • Outdoors with green areas will be completed in 2022

See more detailed progress plan for upgrading Flatvold student home here.

Facades towards south after renovation
Map of Flatvold area. Entrances and escape routes
Illustration in English
Map of Flatvold area. Entrances and escape routes