Food and beverage at campus Helgeland

While the canteen at Campus Helgeland is temporarily closed due to renovation, you can get your lunch in a self-service shop on Campus.

11/5/2110:49 AM Erling Rognes Solbu

Sellf-service with Vipps 

You find a refrigerator with fresh goods in the canteen area on campus. Students and employees can buy baguettes, wraps, soft drinks and similar by using the payment system Vipps on your phone (Norwegian bank account and phone number required). Please follow the instructions on the poster by the refridgerator. 

New canteen for students and employees

We are renovating the canteen at Campus Helgeland, and look forward to welcoming students and employees to the new canteen in June 2022. 

We were hoping to open in March, however the work is unfortunately somewhat delayed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Free coffee and snacks for students

While the canteen is closed, Student host Sicilia makes sure all students at Campus Helgeland get free coffee and snacks. The good stuff is availabe in the canteen area on the ground floor. 

Please don't bring the coffee pots to group rooms, or otherwise remove them from the canteen - the coffee should be available for all students.

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