Counselling and health services

Student counsellors on campus, clinics, health care funds and various courses are the primary counselling and health care services that Studentinord offer.

2016-03-1410:18 Erling Rognes Solbu


The student counselling service offers talks about all sorts of challenges that you may face in student life. It can involve mental, social, physical or practical challenges – from loneliness and heartbreak to studying techniques. 

The counsellors are located on campus. You do not need a referral to take advantage of the counselling service. The service is free and operates under confidentiality.

Clinic and Doctor

Students have access to health clinics on campus or in the city where they study. At the clinic, you will meet the nurse and the doctor. The health centres have a special focus upon the body, sexual health and contraception.


Our consultants offer courses relevant to student interests, including stress management courses, examination practice courses, “speak up in meetings” classes and yoga courses.

Refund of health expenses

Students can apply for a refund of health expenses to Studentinord’s health fund.
Read more and apply here.