The Health Fund

Students can apply for a refund of health expenses to Studentinord’s health fund.

Students who have incurred health or dental care expenses that are not covered by the European Health Insurance Card, NAV or any other public welfare arrangement in the course of academic year can apply for a refund through Studentinord’s health fund.

Please read the guidelines on this page carefully before submitting your application.

Refund may be granted to

Students who have paid the semester fee to Studentinord, and who have their studies as their main occupation, i.e. minimum 40 ECTS per academic year, can apply. It is only possible to apply for a refund of expenses incurred in the current academic year.

What expenses may be covered by the health fund?

  • Eye tests and glasses. Glasses must be individually adjusted, made and delivered by a publically approved optician. Eyeglass frames, sun glasses and othe accessories are not covered.
  • Dental care or treatment. This must be characterized as necessary treatment. Students below the age of 20 must og to the public (municipal) dental care service. If parts of the expenses are covered by NAV, this must be specified on the invoice.
  • Physiotherapy, chiropractor and manual therapist. Please note that only public approved health services entitles you to a refund.
  • Extraordinary expenses. After special consideration, you may be given refunds of other extraordinary expenses due to temporary illness or disability, preferably documented as necessary treatment by a doctor.


  • Eye tests and glasses: 1500 NOK per academic year
  • Dental treatment: 1500 NOK per academic year
  • Other treatments: 1500 NOK per academic year


Studentinord may refund up to 50 % of the expenses after the deductible (1500 NOK). The maximum refund amount per academic year is 6000,- NOK. Amounts lower than 300,- NOK will not be paid.

General rules

  • The refund application must be submitted through the specified application form. Incomplete applications will not be handled.
  • Refunds may be given granted on the basis of specified receipts marked with the student’s name.
  • The student’s name must either be printed or handwritten with pen on the receipt, and certified by an officer at the dentist, doctor etc. The uploaded receipt must be clearly readable. Receipts that do not fulfill these demands will not be taken into account. 
  • If the expenses have been covered by NAV, other public arrangement, or an insurance policy no reimbursement will be granted.
  • The health fund will only cover treatment that has taken place in Norway. Norwegian bank account is required.
  • Studentinord reserves the right to control the information that is stated in the application form. We will require that refunds granted on a false basis are returned to Studentinord.
  • Decisions in health fund cases may be appealed to the Health Fund Appeal Committee. The appeal committee consists of Studentinord’s student counsellors. The deadline to appeal is 3 weeks counted from the date the decision was made.
  • Studentinord reserves the right to change the rules of the health fund in case of a significant change in the financial burden.


Applications may be submitted consecutively after the treatment has ended and the bills are paid. 

The applicant must be a registered student both at the time of the treatment and the application. The applications are handled consecutively, and at least once per month.

The Updated guidelines are valid as of 11. September 2017.

Go to the health fund application form.

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