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What does a well functioning housing environment mean to you?

2019-01-1110:20 Ane Karlsen


A pleasant living environment is one of many important criteria for the students to thrive in our student housing. If you have an open and good relationship with those you live with, this will result in increased well-being, and be an important factor to ensure that you succeed in your studies.

Many of the student residences currently have well-functioning housing committees, and new ones will be established. Housing welfare coordinator Karl Kristian Kroken is comitted to this work in Bodø. He is a link that ensures good communication between the housing committees and Studentinord.


Karl Kristian is a force in establishing well-functioning housing committees at the student homes, and he works to create a good living environment.

The goal is to increase well-being, and that you get more social activities to fill your free time with. No one should be sitting alone in their bedsit. The work with living environment will involve giving the students advice and assistance in everything from arranging an event to making sure that routines on the student homes being followed, and also other inquiries.

Karl Kristian is part of the counselling service in Studentinord, and he is visiting the student homes regularly. If you want to grab a coffe and have a chat, please don´t hesitate to get in touch.

- Living togehter is all about giving and taking. You get a greater tolerance for each other if you get to know each other. For some it is easier to be outgoing than others. Try to be active, be creative and include everyone by making events open for each resident, says Karl Kristian.

What is a housing comittee

A housing comittee consists of students who live in Studentinord's housing, and will work as a spokesperson from the student housing to Studentinord.

Their task is to improve the welfare in the student homes, report needs and shortcomings, and keep track of the common spaces of the student housing.

Don´t hesitate to get in touch

Karl Kristian is a student at Nord University. He has previously been both a leader for the buddy program, and a student ambassador, he has a positive attitude and is really easy to get in touch with.

If you want to contribute to a housing committee, or if you have questions about the living environment on your student home, please be in touch.

Karl Kristian Kroken
Tel. +47 476 13 550
E-mail: kkr@studentinord.no

Karl Kristian Kroken
Housing welfare coordinator Karl Kristian Kroken

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