Important information, and warm greetings from Studentinord

November 5 2020

Hei, dear tenant

Today the Government has released new recommendations and rules to limit the spread of the coronavirus. We encourage all our tenants to study the updated information.

New national recommendations and rules

One of the most important recommendations from the Governement is to limit social contact and stay at home as much as possible. 

We know that when bars and pubs close earlier than under normal circumstances, some students have arranged parties at their student homes. Now, the message from the Prime Minister is that we all must totally avoid partying, since the combination of alcohol and many people together has led to an steap increase of Covid-19 cases.

View the Government's complete press release here.

Have a kitchen meeting

We encourage you who share kitchen and/or bathroom with other tenants to have a chat - this can be done digitally if you are many. Talk about the new rules, make sure everyone has got the updated information.

If you are many who share the same kitchen it is a good idea to agree on not inviting guests to the student home until new recommendation apply. 

Take care of eachother - not everything is cancelled 

We hope you take good care of eachother in this difficult period. Remember: 

  • freindship is not cancelled
  • going for a walk is not cancelled
  • laughing is not cancelled
  • calling a friend is not cancelled
  • meeting a friend for lunch on campus is not cancelled

Our counselling service, housing office, canteens and kindergartens are not cancelled either - we stay open.

Remember that you can contact the security guard. The security guards are there for your safety. 

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