Information for residents in Mørkvedlia

20 August, 2021

Dear resident

During the Buddy period there are many social gatherings in Mørkvedlia. We want to continue to keep the common rooms open and contribute so that you can spend time together. It is very important that you show consideration and take care of each other. We strongly encourage you to follow the current advice on infection control *.

It is also important that you are well acquainted with the regulations for student residence. Did you know that after 11 p.m. on weekdays, and after 12/midnight on weekends, there must be quiet throughout the building? 

Infection situation and rapid testing

As of today, there are no reports of infection in Mørkvedlia. If covid infection occurs, Studentinord will notify all residents. Get to know the current quarantine instructions here.

If you become infected, feel ill or have symptoms, it is important that you notify the Housing Office or the security guards as soon as possible. This information will help us maintain a good overview.

Did you know that you can take a rapid antigen test on campus? Absolutely free of charge - feel free to drop by every day if you want.

Security guards

The security guards you meet in Mørkvedlia represent Studentinord as a homeowner, and they have the necessary authorizations to ensure that the housing regulations are followed.

The guards patrol the facilities, and they are always available by phone outside the Housing Office's opening hours.

* Current advice on infection control

  • People who are sick, in quarantine or isolation should not attend any events.
  • Remember good hand and cough hygiene.
  • Keep a distance of at least 1 meter to others than those you live with (those you share kitchen with). Avoid physical contact, including handshake and hugs.

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