Information for residents in Mørkvedlia

27 August 2021

Enhanced security

We want you to have a safe and pleasant environment in Mørkvedlia. At the request of the residents we are now making some changes to improve the living environment, and to prevent unwanted incidents.

From today, you will see enhanced security at the facility, and the police will increase their presence. The police are also allowed to do rounds with dogs if they like.

5 rules for residents with visitors

  1. All visits must be permitted by those you share a kitchen / common area with. You can not have guests if there is to any inconvenience for others
  2. Limit yourself to the number of visitors, and show consideration for the other residents
  3. Visitors who are not accompanied by a resident are denied entry
  4. You must only let in your own visitors
  5. You must be present with your guests

The most important thing is that everyone looks after themselves, and follows the rules. Still, if you witness unwanted behavior, or you think it is unsafe to enter your communal kitchen, both security guards and the police have a clear encouragement: CALL!

Security guards: +47 992 36 464

Police: 112

Direct offenses are reported to the police.

Contribute to a nice living environment

Mørkvedlia is your home. You should contribute to a good living environment, and make it safe and pleasant to live there. Residents are allowed to have visitors, and have a good time, but remember that it is your responsibility that your guests follow the regulations for student residence.

Here you can read more about your security at the student housing, and find out who takes the bill from the security company.

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