Joint responsibilities for common areas Mørkvedveien 18/20

How to create a positive environment in the common kitchen?

Hi, resident in Mørkvedveien 18/20. Here is information about the kitchen routines, and what is expected of you

Living closely with others and share kitchen and utensils requires respect, good will and smooth communication. It is smart to make a system and make a common agreement on how you all like the environment to be. Studentinord has great confidence in the residents, and we find that the living environment and cooperation works very well for most of you.

In Studentinord, there are no rental contracts that include services such as cleaning or garbage disposal from the kitchen. But Mørkvedlia is unique in Studentinord history, and with the large common areas that we have, we have chosen to hire a cleaning agency to ensure that the buildings are properly taken care of, and put the cleaning more into system.

However, the cleaners are not an unlimited resource that cleans and fixes everything. Studentinord pays for them to perform very specific tasks, and they have a tight schedule. They should not move furnitures, take out the trash, clean the kitchen sink or clean after your party. This is what you as a resident must provide for yourself.

Studentinord checks up on the work of the agency, and we demand good quality. But in order to achieve the best possible results, it is important that you as a resident clean up after yourself, keep kitchenware and furniture in their respective kitchens, and report any faults and deficiencies.

Fair distribution of tasks

In the common areas we expect that each of you contributes to general order during the week, but when the cleaning agency arrives every Monday, Wednesday and Friday approx. around 9 a.m. it must be cleared and ready for cleaning. This means that if you are responsible and you have made the kitchen ready for cleaning the night before, or in the morning, then you have done your job. Fellow residents who use the common area after you have done your tasks must clean after themselves so it still looks good when the cleaners arrive.

By setting up a rotation plan and sharing responsibility for these tasks, the work is fairly distributed and it will be easy for each resident to keep track of their assigned weeks.

Each week, two tenants will be responsible for a few specific tasks, and Studentinord will regularly inspect the common area and check the lists. In case of absence in your week, it is your responsibility to swap with another resident and notify the person you collaborate with.

If you fail to complete your assigned tasks to our satisfaction, the tenants assigned the tasks that week will be charged a fee covering labor costs, at a minimum of one hour of labor at NOK 500.

We hope you grab this chance to have a kitchen meeting where you agree on how you want the environment to be at your kitchen. The tasks will be really easy if everyone cleans up after themselves after using the kitchen or common area. Collaboration and communication are important keywords!

Your tasks for your assigned week

  1. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9 a.m. the kitchen worktops, stoves and cooktops must be tidied and cleaned.
  2. At least once a week, kitchen towels and cloths must be replaced.
    Kitchen towels and cloths must be collected and returned to the laundry.
  3. The microwave must be cleaned once a week.
    Tips for cleaning: put a refractory bowl of water into the microwave at full power for 5 min. The steam from the water will soften the dirt. Carefully remove the bowl and use a clean cloth to clean the inside.
  4. The trash bins must be emptied when they are full.
    There are garbage chutes outside the building, labelled cardboard waste (papp og papir) and residual waste (restavfall). Use your key fob to open. Glass and metal waste must be disposed in garbage chutes outside Mørkvedveien 22.
  5. Bags with bottles and cans for deposit return must be removed when they are full.
    Studentinord labels all such bags with the date and removes them after 7 days, after which you will lose the opportunity to recycle and get the refund.
  1. We expect good hygiene in the kitchen and in the common areas and that is the reason we provide for you to get kitchen cloths at the laundry, as well as other cleaning equipments. If you are uncertain about our expectations, how to use the equipment or have any other questions, please contact the Studentinord cleaning team.
  2. You may borrow equipment from the kitchen you belong to. Remember to return the equipment as soon as possible after use.
  3. If you borrow cleaning equipment or a stepladder, you must return it to the correct broom closet as soon as possible after use.
    In the broom closets on the 2nd and 4th floor, you will find cleaning equipment to be used for cleaning common areas. You will also find waste bags and a stepladder for cleaning the loft and on top of shelves.
  4. If you wish to invite someone to a party in a common area, you must clear this with the other residents in advance. Show consideration and respect for others belongings, kitchen cabinets and refrigerators. Remember that there are noise restrictions in the building after 11 p.m. on weekdays, and after midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. The common area must be tidied and cleaned no later than 12 noon on the following day, and don`t forget to clean the floor as well. The resident who invites people to the party is responsible for the cleaning.
  5. If you notice someone violating of the housing regulations, if you feel unsafe, or if you see any unauthorized people in the building, please immediately contact the security company. You are only liable for problems you yourself caused, in which case you must pay a fee. 
  6. Regulations for student residence can be found here