Available places in Studentinord's Kindergartens

Our kindergarten are customized for student families.

2016-04-0113:55 Line Johansen

Studentinord run student kindergartens in Bodø, Levanger and Steinkjer. In addition, we cooperate with kindergartens in Mo i Rana and Namsos.


Studentinord kindergartens have solutions tailored to your needs as students with children. For example, we offer day care places for children under 1 year of age, flexible opening hours – especially during busy exam periods or practical study, and we are capable of looking after sick children on examination days.

By choosing a student kindergarten for your children, you will also get to meet other parents who have a similar life situation to your own. We will arrange for you and your children to make new contacts and new friends, especially during the start of a new academic year. We understand your special needs as a student and together we will find practical solutions to the challenges you may have.

As a student at Nord University or The Police Academy in Bodø, you have priority to places with us, but others can also apply. Once a child is accepted into the day care, their place is secured with us until they start school.


“They always try to arrange the best possible solution for me to help me with my studies. My child loves it there! Weekly outings and fun and exciting projects are always going on, which keeps children engaged with learning and playing.”

Line, Student parent in Levanger.

“I’ve had my children in the kindergarten for 4 years now, both in the toddlers and pre-school classes. My experience is that the staff have a high level of expertise and really care about the kids and that they do their best. They have a high focus on playing and singing, while still respecting the children and taking them seriously. As a parent, I have always been met with understanding and co-operation with the staff has never been problematic. In my case, this is especially true when it came to adding or changing routines for my children. This is also true when it comes to general co-operation, and our meetings have always been satisfactory. Now my third child is on the waiting list for a space in the day care, and we cross our fingers that there will also be a spot for him in this fantastic kindergarten!”

Siv-Anne, Student parent in Bodø.

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