What do parents think about Studentongan kindergarten?

Location right next to the university, experience in including non-Norwegian speaking families, and attractive facilities are some of the features student families enjoy at Studentongan.

There are many things to consider when chosing kindergarten for your children. If you are new in Norway, or don't speak Norwegian, it may be a challenge to find the necessary information to make a good choice. 

We spoke to a few of the parents about what they like about Studentongan.

A kindergarten located right next to the university

Do you study or work at Nord University? Many parents find it safe, not to mention practical, with a kindergarten right next to where they spend their days. 

-I consider it a luxury that the kindergarten is located just two mintes walk from the university, says student Suzanne Christine Heide.

The staff at Studentongan are also experts in welfare for student families. 

-I appreciate that the staff understands my situation as a student. For example it is easy to have a good dialogue through stressful exam periods, says Suzanne.

Flexible opening hours during exam periods, places for babies younger than 1 year, and the "exam guarantee", where kindergarten staff comes to your home look after your child if it gets ill on your exam day, are some of the special features for student families.

A small child in a large kindergarten

Even though Studentongan is a rather large kindergarten, the staff is eager to make sure that each singular child gets the necessary attention and care. Suzanne tells about the first weeks after her daughter started.

 My daughter, Ellinor Andrea, usually needs some time to get comfortable with new people and surroundings. Our experience is that the staff saw this and let her get to know the kindergarten at her own tempo. This helped her feel safe. It was also reassuring for us parents.

Suzanne praises the staff for their professionality and enthusiasm, and would definitely recommend other parents to apply for a place at Studentongan.

 The people working here are super heroes! They are able to make the children feel seen, heard, understood and included. And on top of this they also see us stressed out moms and dads even on the worst rainy days. It's fantastic!

Across cultures

Suzanna also boats about the cultural dicersity at the kindergarten.

-As a natural consequens of the its affiliation with the university many of the children, parents and staff represent different nationalities and cultures. I am very happy that my little girl can be part this community, says Suzanna. 

Anjana Palihawadana and his wife Florence Perera are from Sri Lanka. Their daughter Arya Faith (3) attents Studentongan. Anjana and Florence speak a mix of mother tongue, English and a little Norwegian, but their communication with the kindergarten staff is flawless.

Florence points out that it is a big plus for them with both staff and children from different countries.

- Coming from aboad it is very important to get integrated in Bodø, and that Arya Faith gets to know other children. It has been a great advantage for us to be at Studentongan. Here Arya gets to know the culture and finds a lot of friends, he explains.  

The children's own spa

Anjana agrees.

- The pedagogical progamme here is very good, they learn new skills all the time. Arya particularly loves "Abels hule! she says with a smile.

"Abels hule" is a large, nice and warm room with a pool and colored lights. Here the children can play with water and get safe in and around the shallow water.

Follow you child's day through an app

Through the app MyKid you can stay updated on your childs day at the kindergarten - when it sleeps, eats and what activities they are up to. You can see week plans, upcoming birthdays etc, and easily communicate with the staff. 

Daughter sits on the lap of her mother, around them are a lots of toys
A small family of three who are out for a walk
Fotograf Karoline O. A. Pettersen

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