Reduced parental payment

Families with low incomes may be entitled to a lower payment rate in the kindergarten.

8/30/219:37 PM Erling Rognes Solbu

Do you have one or more children in kindergarten, and a low income? There are arrangements to support families where the joint income is low. You may get a reduced rate for the monthly parental payment. You may also be granted the right to 20 hours per week in the kindergarten for free.

Reduced parental payment

Families whe earned less than 592 167kr altogether in 2020 have the right to reduced parental payment in the kindergarten. You are not required to pay more than 6 % of the joint family annual income for a place in a kindergarten.

20 hours for free

All two, three, four and five year olds in families with a lower joint annual income  than 566 100 kr in 2020 are entitled to 20 hours per week for free in the kindergarten.

How to apply

In order to be granged a reduced parental payment rate and/or 20 hours per week for free, you must submit an application to the municipal administration where your kindergarten is located.

You will be asked to attach last year’s tax return report from all parents in the household. If your income does not appear in the tax return, or you don’t have a tax return, you may be asked for other types of documntation.

Follow the links below for application forms and more information (some forms are only available in Norwegian):

Application will be handled cosecutively, and decisions are valid from the month after the application was received.  You must submit a new application for each kindergarten year (same as academic year).


Sources: Bodø kommune, Levanger kommune og Steinkjer kommune.


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