Kitchen of the month: September

Blue victory in September!

Winners in September

We congratulate the blue kitchen on the 2nd floor - on BOTH building 18 and 20! You rock the kitchen routines, you have shown us that you take responsibility and maintain a good standard every day - wonderful!

The winning kitchens get everything they need for a nice taco dinner for everyone in the kitchen. Well deserved!

Next month we will announce more winners

Many of you did quite well, so do not despair. Next month we will announce more winners - so get going! Communication and cooperation are essential keywords to be the ones to bring home the taco dinner kit next month.


Do you have questions about the competition? Send us an inquiry from My Page via the app Studentinord Bolig or browser. Press «Inquiries» and register a new inquiry - select the category "cleaning".

Winners building 18
Winners building 20