Laundry service in Studentinord

Login, reservation and payment. All you need to know about our laundry services.



There are common laundries at each student home. Some places laundry services are included in the rent, other places you pay per wash with tokens, cards or chips. 

There are various routines for booking and payment for laundry services.

  • If you live in one of the following student homes, you use the app appWash.
    • Kaialundveien student home (Mo i Rana)
    • Høglimyra student home (Bodø)
    • Husbyfaret student home (Stjørdal)
    • Byborg student home block A and B (Levanger)
    • Moan student home (Levanger)
    • Grand student home (Namsos)
    • Guldbergaunet student home (Steinkjer)
  • At Figga student home in Steinkjer, Bangla student home in Namsos, and Demmabakken student home in Nesna landry services are included in the rent.
  • At the other student homes in Levanger, except for Røstad student home, you can buy washing tokens at Akaemika bookstore on campus (15 kr per wash).
  • At Røstad student home in Levanger you get a washing chip in your mailbox when you move in. If you can't find it there, you may contact the Housing office via My page.
  • In the other student homes in Bodø you get a washing chip when you move in.

Book and pay for your laundries with washing chip

When you move in to one of our student homes in Bodø, or at Røstad in Levanger, you will recieve a laundry chip for use of the washing machines and tumble dryers. 

If you lose your laundry chip it is important that you let us know as soon as possible so we can disable your chip.

Log on to your laundry and reservate machine or transfer money to your laundry account here. 

TIPS! Tick off for «forbli innlogget» (stay logged in) and the system will remember you next time.

Login and password

To log in to the self-service portal you will need your username and password. If you do not have your username and password you may use the "forgotten password" function to get a new. You can contact our Housing consultans if you need help. You must change your password at your first login.

Paying for laundry

Log in to the self-service portal to transfer money to your laundry account. The payment service is secure, and you will be given some options regarding how much money you would like to transfer. You may use the washing machines right away after a transfer.

If you have transferred too much money into your laundry account, you may login and send the money back to your bank account. It will be around 24 hours before you get the money back at your bank account. 


Røstad in Levanger: It is so easy to do your laundry at Røstad. You don`t even have to bring laundry detergent or think about how much soap you should use. The machine takes care of everything. Use of washing machine costs NOK 25, - per washing machine, and use of dryer is free. Detergent is included in the price.

Bodø: Use of a washing mashine is from 12 NOK and a tumble dryer is from 10 NOK. (Some laundry facilities have automatic dosing of laundry detergent and the prices may vary).

For laundries with appWash, you can see prices here.

Book a washing machine online

Booking can be done either online or directly in your laundry. The reservation is valid for 15 min after reserved time. If you arrive 15 minutes late, the machine is released and others can use the washing machine.

If you do not wish to book time, you can use available machines in the laundry. Only washing machines can be reserved. If you wish, you can go directly to the laundry and start one of the available machines without having reserved in advance.

Use dryer

A regular laundry contains 2-3 liters of water. This means that if you hang the laundry to dry in the apartment, without venting well, this can cause mites and bacteria. We recommend using a dryer as much as possible.

If you have no other option than to hang the laundry inside your home, it is important that you ventilate well.

Reminder on text message

In the laundries in Bodø it is possible to get a reminder about your reservation, or that the laundry and/or tumble dryer are done.

You decide how long up front you would like to receive the reservation reminder, within 24 hours before the reservation. You will not be noticed if you book a period that has already started.

When you start the washing machine in the laundry, you may ask to be noticed when the washing machine and/or tumble dryer are ready, by receiving a text message. This will only work with Norwegian numbers. Press the display and add your mobile phone number. The next time you use your chip in the laundry, the number will be remembered. 5 minutes before the machine is ready, you will receive a text message.

Reminders can be activated both in the laundry and online. The service is free of charge.

Report errors

You can report erros at the laundries from the app Studentinord bolig or via My page on desktop.


Karoline O. A. Pettersen
Woman sitting on the washing machine and man leaning on it, shows the laundry