Questions about login, payment or reservation?

If you can’t log in, transfer money to your laundry account or make a reservation, here are a few tips that may solve the problem:

Common login problems 

  1. Internet Explorer is the best browser to use when logging into the laundry account, but most other browsers can also be used.
  2. Always ensure your browser is updated to latest version and that any necessary plug-ins are installed. 
  3. Mac can be used without problem, but ensure you have the latest version and that any necessary plug-ins are installed.
  4. It may be difficult to distinguish between numbers and letters in your password. Remember to use uppercase letters where necessary. 
  5. You may enter your username with or without spaces.
  6. When you are logged in you can enter the menu item "Account" and change the user name and password.
  7. Remember to enter your email address so that you can receive a new password if you need one. In that case you can use the "forgotten password" function.
  8. If you forget your personal username and password, you can always log in using your original username and password. 

Common problems making payments

Some card issuers will require identification with 3Dsecure or similar, upon payment. The most common error messages that appear when a payment is rejected in the laundry system are:

  • «Feil kortnummer» (Incorrect card number) – please try again
  • «Kortet er utløpt» (This card has expired) – try another card that is still valid
  • «Feil CVV-nr.» (Incorrect CVV code) – please try again. The CVV code is the last three digits of the number normally located in the signature box on the back of the card.
  • «Ikke dekning» (Insufficient funds) – the bank has rejected the payment because there are insufficient funds in your account.

If these things are ok but you are still unable to complete your payment, we recommend that you contact the bank that issued the card. This bank will be in the best position to explain why it has rejected your payment in the laundry system.

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