Maintenance of common areas in the summer

Information to all our residents.

Maintenance during the summer

Studentinord is planning for maintenance of common areas during the summer. We will clear and empty theses common areas in advance, but we we will not be able to store your things for you.

It is therefore very important that you make sure to keep your private belongings safe so that nothing is stored in common areas. Place your items in your bedsit / room or in your storage room. If you share storage room with others it is best if you clearly mark your belongings with your name so we do not have to wonder if anyone owns it or whether it should be discarded.

You may store dry goods and kitchen utensils in your kitchen cabinet, but be sure to clear out the refrigerator and remove any food that may expire.


If you have any questions, you can always send us an inquiry from My Page or the Studentinord housing app. Hope you have a nice summer!

Moving out?

Are you planning on moving out? See the list of requirements that must be met before the tenancy is completely ended and you can get your deposit back.

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