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Nord studentsamskipnad (Studentinord) is a welfare organisation for students at Nord university and The Norwegian Police University College (PHS) in Bodø. Our job is to make your life as a student easier!

2015-12-1712:46 Kjell Pedersen

The studentsamskipnad, or student welfare organisation, is a Norwegian organisation that offers services within housing, food and beverage, kindergartens, health, counselling, book shop and more for students on campus. The profits generated by the student welfare organisation's business activities is routed back to budgets for running, improving and developing welfare services for students.

The student welfare organisations are ruled by Norwegian law and based on mandatory membership for all students at Norwegian universities and colleges. There are 22 student welfare organisations in Norway.

Each student welfare organisation is governed by a board which decides the semester fee amount, and what services that are to be offered to the students. The Head of the board is a student, and the students hold the majority of votes. This underlines that the students run their own welfare organisation. 

Billig address

Nord studentsamskipnad
(department name)
Postboks 1490
8049 Bodø

Org. number 951 103 217 mva

Per Magne Nikolaisen

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