Studentongan barnehage
Høgliveien 2
8027 Bodø


Irene Mellemvik
tel. 901 17 071

Office: 480 40 086
Hippokrates: 903 68 848
Pythagoras: 903 68 860
Sokrates: 904 00 327
Aristoteles: 903 69 710
Platon: 903 69 902

“Playing and singing and fun every single day!” is our motto.

2016-04-0114:28 Line Johansen


Application deadline: 15 February, but places will be assigned as they become available.

Applications to Studentongan kindergarten must be submitted through Bodø Municipality’s application portal for kindergartens, «samordna opptak». We therefore have the same application deadline and follow the same procedures as the municipal kindergartens.

Studentongan is first and foremost a kindergarten for the students at Nord University and The Norwegian Police University College in Bodø’s children. In case of availability, we accept the university employee’s children and other external applicants. 

Please visit Bodø Municipality’s (Bodø kommune) website to find more information about the application process.

Apply for a place here

Fill it out, then print it, sign it and return it to:

Studentongan Kindergarten is closed during weeks 28 and 29.

Questions can be sent to studentongan@studentinord.no / Tel. 901 17 071


The staff members at the day care have a wide range of expertise and experience when it comes to dealing with children. Most of our employees have worked at Studentongan for a long time, which ensures a stable work environment. We have an educational leader with pedagogical training for each department, as well as two pre-school teachers to help improve the quality of the day care.


The kindergarten accepts children between the ages of 1-6 years old and we have our own toddlers’ class for the smallest. This is in order to provide a peaceful, secure and stimulating environment. The older children are in an environment that provides more opportunities for challenges and activities. Every child has a need to be seen, so we provide the attention they require for their age and needs. We have a kindergarten with many cultures, both Norwegian and International. This is reflected in the annual plan where we focus on getting to know each other – within language, religion, traditions and music. As a kindergarten that includes international students, we have a lot of experience with working with foreign languages.


“I have had children in Studentongan Kindergarten for 4 years now, both toddlers and older children. My experience  is that the staff are highly competent who really care about the kids, making sure they do their best. They have a good focus upon playing and singing, while still being able to respect the child and take them seriously. As a parent, I have always been met with understanding, and cooperating with the staff has never been a problem, especially in relation to topics like bed, sleep and toilet routines. In addition, the general cooperation and contact they have kept with me has been impeccable. Now my third child is on the waiting list for a place and I cross my fingers that they’ll be able to accommodate him in this wonderful kindergarten.”

-Siv-Anne, Student Parent.

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