Adjusted food prices

From 1 February the prices in our canteens will increase. Here you may read more about the background.

Price increase from 1 February

From 1 February, the wholesalers increase the prices of the goods, and therefore we have to increase the prices of food and beverage in our canteens. The background for the price increase is, among other things, the electricity crisis, inflation and increased costs related to transport. The reasons are many, and beyond our control.

In addition, both the after effects of the pandemic and uncertainty due to the war in Ukraine contribute to prices rising.

Will facilitate good alternatives

At Studentinord, we are passionate about good food and beverage, but we also have a thought for the student budget, diet, and what food production does to the environment. We strive to offer the lowest prices possible, but unfortunately the prices in our canteens will increase.

It is very important to us, and to the student welfare that students, staff and others continue to visit us, and order catering.

That is why we continuously work to find affordable and good alternatives with good quality, and will do what we can to give you as a student or customer good alternatives to choose from. If your regular favorite in the canteen has been given a new ingredient or flavour, it is because our skilled chefs have tested and come up with new combinations of delicious flavours.

Good deals for students

As a student you may use the app Infoskjermen Go (Pin To Mind), and access exclusive deals in our canteens every month.

Read more about the app and deals.

If you bring your own cup, or use a porcelain cup in the canteem, you get coffee for student price: 15 kr per cup. It costs more with a disposable cup, so save money and the environment!

Fotograf Karoline O. A. Pettersen