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Moving into one of our student homes? Here is everything you need to know!

We hope you will enjoy your time as a student at Nord University, and as tenant at one of Studentinord’s student homes. Here you will find useful and important information, but you are always welcome to ask if you have any questions.

Manage your tenancy

  • App management
    Download the app «Studentinord bolig» to manage your tenancy. 
    Open in Google Play
    Open in App Store
  • App benefits
    The app provides a shortcut to all the services you need as a resident at a Studentinord student home. Using the housing app Studentinord bolig you can easily report errors at your housing unit, contact janitor or Housing office, and pay the rent by debit or credit card. The Housing office does not accept card or cash. If you want to pay cash you must go to the post office.
    Remember to update your bank information in the app, for return of deposit.
  • Get notified
    Studentinord will use push notifications in the app or SMS for short messages to our tenants. Make sure you have the correct email and phone number in the app, at all times.
  • Rates and fees, and regulations for student residences
    Studentinord seeks to protect each tenant`s need for peace and order, and to ensure that the housing and its equipment are treated so that no unnecessary damage occurs. Regulations for student residence are part of the Tenancy agreement. We will charge for non-fulfillment of obligations in the contract or regulations for student residences. See rates and fees Studentinord housing, and documents for regulations here. 

Sign the rental contract

The rental contract enters into effect as soon as we have received a signed copy of the contract, and the deposit has been paid. There are two ways to hand in the signed copy of the rental contract:

  1. Sign in to My page and sign electronic.
  2. Print the contract, sign it, and upload the signed contract to My page.

When you move in

  • Pick up your keys
    The keys can be picked up from 12 a.m. on the first day of the rental contract period. Click here for more details around picking up the keys.
    • Homes with key fob
      If you stay in a student home that uses key fob, make sure that you learn how to use it. It must be activated, and this article shows you how. Please note that you must carry the key fob with you every time you leave your room to avoid getting locket out.
    • Homes with mobile key
      If you stay in a student home that uses mobile keys, you may read more here on how to use it. Please note that you must carry your mobile phone with you when you leave your room - to avoid being locked out.
  • Corona and infection control
    What applies if you are quarantined, what can you do to help reduce the risk of infection, and who do you notify if you are infected? Read the quarantine instructions and guidelines for residents here.
  • Must do: fill in check list 
    Within 14 days after your arrival you have to fill in a check list. By doing so you confirm that the housing unit is in a proper state, or you can report possible shortcomings. Remember to press complete when you're finished.
  • Basic start kits for rental
    All international students have recieved information from the International office at Nord University about preordering bedclothes and kitchen equipment. If you haven`t yet ordered a basic start kit, or have questions about this arrangement, please contact bolig@studentinord.no as soon as possible. Invoice is to be found at My Page in the app «Studentinord bolig».
  • Cleaning responsibility
    You are responsible for cleaning your bedsit/apartment. In units with shared kitchen and/or bathroom the respective tenants have a joint responsibility for the cleaning. Please make sure that you become familiar with the cleaning schedule for cleaning the common areas where you live. Studentinord will make weekly cleaning inspections of the larger common areas. If the cleaning is not approved, the responsible tenant will get a fee. Large shared kitchens are cleaned by an external company, but you are still responsible for the everyday cleaning and tidying.
    See video of thorough cleaning
  • See video of weekly kitchen cleaning
  • House content insurance
    Studentinord does not cover house content insurance. You are personally responsible for insurance of personal property in the bedsit/apartment and storage room.
  • Fire protection
    Please make sure you become familiar with the emergency exits and how to act in case of fire, by studying emergency plan at your housing unit. All housing units have fire alarms and extinguishers. It is important that you learn how to use the equipment. Our larger student homes have a fire alarm control panel. This equipment must not be touched
  • Batteries for fire alarms
    If you notice that you need new batteries for the fire alarms, please go to My Page in the app «Studentinord bolig» and make a request. The fire alarms must never be put out of function.
  • Stove guard
    Some kitchens are equipped with stove guards for extra fire protection. Instructions for how to use the stove guard can be found on posters in these kitchens.

Social life at the student home

  • Communicate and contribute
    Living with other people requires consideration. After all, we all have different standards and background. So, communicate, and contribute to common tasks:
    • Ask, listen, and talk to your fellow residents
    • Be thoughtful, and respect other residents
    • Make a cleaning schedule, and clean when it`s your turn
    • Take out the trash
    • Clean up after yourself
    • Ask before you invite friends
    • Have fun and smile!
  • Do you live in Mørkvedveien 18 or 20 in Bodø?
    Then you need to know what is expected of you in your assigned kitchen week, how you can help create a positive environment in your kitchen, and what rules apply to parties, hygiene and equipment. Read more about what is expected of you!
  • House committees 
    Several of our student homes have house committees that works for resident welfare. If you want to contribute, or if you have any questions you are welcome to contact us, see contact information below.
  • Confidential conversation
    If you need someone to speak to confidential, you may contact the Student host, Peer Support or Studentinord`s Counselling service
  • Student happenings - stay informed
    We also recommend that you download the app «Infoskjermen Go», and log in with the access code that applies to your Campus. See the Buddy program, student happenings calendar, canteen menues and news and updates about what’s going on at campus.

Your safety at the student home

  • When you live in a Studentinord student home, it is our primary goal that you should thrive and develope, and feel safe. That is the reason we have security guards that represents Studentinord at the housing facilities outside our opening hours. 
    Read more about how we work for your safety.
  • Report unwanted incidents and emergencies
    We encourage you to report unwanted incidents such as bullying and sexual harassment, and also in cases of accident or other emergency.
    At sikresiden.no you will find links for where to notify in various incidents, and you will also find training and advice on what you should do in emergency situations and what preventive measures you can take.

Need to know

  • Internet and TV
    All our student homes and housing units have access to wireless internet. Internet access is a service we offer at no extra cost, and therefore no refunds are paid in the event of downtime. Here you will find how to connect to the internet, and order a TV subscription.
  • Quiet hours
    According to the housing regulations it must be quiet at the student homes at 11 p.m Sunday to Thursday. Friday and Saturday from midnight. We generally expect tenants to show consideration for each other and keep the noise down.
  • Smoking
    Smoking is not allowed in any of our student homes.
  • Laundry
    Most of our student homes have a common laundry. Please see posters at your student home for information on how to book and use washers and tumble dryers.
  • Recycling at the student home in Bodø
    At our student homes we recycle the waste according to an agreement with the renovation company IRIS. You may read about the recycling arrangements here; what do we recycle, and what happens to the waste?
  • Pets
    Pets are not allowed in our student homes. Exception is 3-room appartments in Skavdalslia student home and in Hammarlia student home in Bodø.
  • Valid parking permit  
    Please contact the Housing office to make arrangements about parking by the student home. Please note that you need a valid parking permit to park at the student home. You may only put your car on spots reserved for tenants.
  • Get permission for visitors
    You are allowed to have visitors, but remember to get permission from your fellow residents if you live in a shared housing unit. Names and dates of visitors who stay over night(s) must be submitted to the Housing office for security reasons.
  • When you are out travelling
    We encourage you to be careful and take some precautions to avoid blind passengers such as bed bugs or other pests in your luggage. Read more and watch video of do`s and don`ts.
  • Short-term rent
    Visitors may also book rooms for short-term rent.

Other questions

Please check out Studentinord housing FAQ to see if you can find some answers. 

Move out - requirements for deposit return

Here you will find a list of requirements that must be met before the tenancy is completely ended and you can get your deposit back.

Useful contact information

Map that shows us where the housing guide is placed- campus Bodø
Student who is handed the keys at the counter

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