Other helplines

Sometimes life is hard to manage, but you need to know that there are many people who are ready to help.

4/17/202:58 PM Ane Karlsen

Help phones and chat

When things get tricky and you need someone to talk to, or you are worried about someone else, you can contact Studentinord Counselling service. If you want to talk to someone else - or if you need help during periods we have closed - there are others you can contact.

Studenttelefonen (The student phone)

Mentalhelse (Mental health)

Kirkens SOS (Church SOS)

Sex og samfunn (Sex and society) chat service

Questions about sex, sexuality and sexual health. The chat is open Monday-Thursday 10.30am - 6.00pm. (Website in Norwegian only)

Angstringen (Anxiety helpline)

Hjelpelinjen for spilleavhengighet (Gaming addiction helpline)

ROS (Counselling on eating disorders)

LFSS (National association for the prevention of self-injury and suicide)


In the event of an accident, emergency or other serious incident at one of Nord University's study locations, or involving students, notify the correct authority as soon as possible.

Information on safety for students and staff at Nord University can be found on the website sikresiden.no/en

Sikresiden is a mobile friendly website which provides training in emergency response and prevention. The service is adapted for students and staff at universities and university colleges, including an easily accessible local emergency number for each institution.



The student phone 116 123

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