Peer Support

Peer Support is a student led program offering support and guidance to the students of Nord University in Bodø.

2018-08-2313:35 Ane Karlsen

It's okay not to be okay, but don't go through it alone

Peer Support provides any student at Nord University in Bodø access to the support they need by talking to a «peer», someone who can relate to what they`re going through. If you´re struggling to settle in, having problems with your friends, suffering from mental health issues, or just feeling lonley, approach a Peer Supporter to talk about it. They have been trained, and they are here to listen to you. 

Strictly confidential

The Peer Supporters work with the aid of the counsellors, however any information they receive is strictly confidential and will not be communicated to either the counsellors or the other Peer Supporters.

Reach out when you need it

As fun and liberating as university can be, it can also be a very stressful and intense experience. Support is often needed by students, but knowing where to find it can be difficult and intimidating. Mental health is extremely important and if ignored, it can severely affect your social life and your university experience. The idea behind Peer Support is that any student at Nord University can access the support that they need by talking to a «peer», someone who can relate to what they’re going through.

With this program, we hope to remove the stigma around mental health and asking for help, by encouraging students to reach out when they need it!

Contact information

Contact Peer Support via the Facebook page «Peer Support at Nord University» or call us on tel. +47 482 47 287 between 9 a.m. and 11 p.m., all week. Inquiries after. 11 p.m. will be handled the next morning.

You can also e-mail the university councellors to get in contact with a Peer Supporter.

Peer Supporters
Members of Peer Support, Nord University Bodø
Sofia Zisi
Members of Peer Support, Nord University Bodø
Viktor Inge Paulsen Båssa
Members of Peer Support, Nord University Bodø
Emma Van der Ploeg
Peer Support member
Ingun Sollie Sørensen
Peer Support member
Charlie Cousens
Peer Support member
Emilie Os-Trandem
Peer Support member
Aisha Jama
Peer Support member
Sondre Berge
Peer Support member
Stine Irene Nerland
Peer Support member
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